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by Cliff Ravenscraft on July 15, 2005

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Traveling away form home is much different today than it was in the past. It seems no matter how far away from home I travel, I'm no farther than an email or internet chat away from those back home. Of course everyone knows that I like to use my blog to share stories and pictures from my trips.
However, the trick to staying in touch is making sure that you can find an affordable place to hop onto the internet. Right now, I'm on board the Royal Caribbean “Empress of the Sea” cruise ship and they have an online café. However, this is where the “affordable” part of it comes in. The ship charges a hefty 50 cents per minute to browse the internet if you can imagine that.
The good news is that at almost every tourist place you visit today, you are bound to find an internet café where you can access the net at a very decent price. Today, In Key West Florida, I located the “idea” internet café.

Pictured above is the entrance to the Sippin' @ Java Joes Internet Café in Glorious Key West Florida. Of course as I walked through the Key West, we passed a few stores that had a computer or two set up to get onto the net. However, as we walked a bit further into the town we found this “TRUE” internet café on the corner of Eaton and Duval Street.
As I stepped into this café, I was immediately refreshed by the air-conditioning. The atmosphere is exactly what you would expect from a café. They had state of the art computer systems, a T-1 connection to the internet and fine chairs to relax in. Of course they also sold a variety of gourmet coffee and teas, sandwiches, and desserts.
While at the café, I got to meet the owner of the café, Onett Johnson. It turns out that he just recently purchased this internet café and made a lost of cosmetic changes to the inside. Mr. Johnson… Bravo! So what does an owner of an internet café do all day? Of course I found out as I caught him reading everyone's favorite blog, (Pictured Below)

I wanted to post my photos that I've taken up to this point in my photo gallery, however, I didn't take them with me to the internet cafe. I will attempt to upload my photos tomorrow evening when I get to Nassau. Check back tomorrow night.

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