Why Did I Buy A Kindle 3 When I Already Had An iPad?

by Cliff Ravenscraft on September 18, 2010

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Pretty much everyone that knows me, knows that I am a total gadget geek! It doesn't seem too long ago that I was trying to explain to everyone why I couldn't wait to get my hands on the new iPad when they come out.

I had explained to everyone that the main purpose that I wanted to purchase the iPad was for it's e-book functionality and that anything else that it could do would simply be a bonus. Why is it that, after several months of being a VERY HAPPY iPad user, I found myself with a strong desire to purchase the new Amazon Kindle 3 E-Book Reader?

I have found myself drawn to the Kindle 3 device, over the past few weeks, each time that I found myself on the Amazon.com website. Those who listened to Business Tech Weekly Episode 48 got to actually witness the impulse purchase of this device as we were recording the show.

Later that same day, Stephanie and I were recording Family From The Heart Episode 127, where you can hear Stephanie's reaction to my purchase of the Kindle 3 without talking with her first about it.

So the big question is why did I purchase the Kindle 3 even though I already had my iPad? This video explains some of my justification for this decision:

So there you go. Now you know some of the reasons why I felt that this would be a good purchase for me. The next big question everyone has been asking me is “How do you like it?” Well, I was very concerned at first. The menu navigation of the Kindle 3 was very foreign to me. However, once I figured out how to do some of the most important, key functions that I wanted, I then began to see this device for what it is and IT IS AWESOME.

Here is a video I recorded showing you some of the things I had to figure out and get used to:

Now Consumer Reports did a wonderful video comparing the iPad to the Kindle. If you are in the market for an eBook Reader and have been trying to decide between an iPad and a Kindle 3, I'd encourage to you watch this video. (My final thoughts are posted after this video)

Now in the video above, they are featuring an older, more expensive Kindle model. I purchased my Kindle 3 reader for only $139 and the device can go nearly a month without the need to recharge.

My favorite line from the Consumer Reports video is where they one guy admits that the Kindle sucks for just about everything except reading books. I would have to agree with that statement. However, I would simply argue that the Kindle 3 is a device that is designed to do ONE THING and to do that ONE THING AWESOMELY.

I totally Love my Kindle 3 eBook Reader! After I figured out the navigation of the menu system, how to do highlights and add notes, how to use the “read to me feature,” and all that other stuff, I then was finally albe to use the device to actually read a book.

The iPad does an okay job with eBooks. However, it can't hold a candle to the crisp text and light weight of the Kindle 3. I'm so glad that I got it!

If you were to decide to purchase one for yourelf, please consider using THIS AFFILIATE LINK to make your purchase. I encourage your questions and feedback in the comments section below.

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