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by Cliff Ravenscraft on January 7, 2006

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These are the “generally speaking” show notes for the January 7th 2006, our fourth episode devoted to the hit ABC TV show, LOST. In this show, you have myself, Cliff Ravenscraft leading the discussion. My wife, Stephanie, and our next door neighbor,
Racheal Griffin we my co-panelists. Racheal's husband had to work a late shift and so rather than being able to join us in our living room, she joined us via Skype.
This week, at the end of our show, I've included a very special interview that I did with Ryan & Jenn from the Transmission Lost Podcast. We would not have the majority of our subscribers if it were not for the plugs that Ryan & Jenn and other Lost podcasts had given us on their shows.
January 11th is just around the corner! We've have two hours of LOST coming our way! First we have a SUMMARY EPISODE titled “Revelations.” This will be perfect for those who are just now trying to come into the world of Lost. We suggest that you invite some friends over to watch with you so that you can answer their questions and get them plugged into the Lost community.
Right after the Revelations Episode, we have the Long Awaited 23rd Psalm episode. We at “generally speaking” are very excited to have a new episode to discuss. We started our podcast during the current six week hiatus. Our goal is to watch Lost on Wednesday, Research the forums and get IMMEDIATE FEEDBACK from our listeners to the show and then record our panel discussion. Friday evening, I will edit our discussion into a consumable show for your listening delight. Our podcast should be ready for download no later than Saturday afternoon.
Listener Feedback!
Ashleigh from Australia wrote…

BQ “Keep spoiling upcoming news, I've already found out everything that has happened in the new season, and it hasn't even aired in Australia yet! Thanks for heaps of discussion about Claire I feel that she isn't really discussed enough in the show, and being the only Australian main character, I think she needs more attention. I want to find out more about her, and the show isn't really doing her character justice. It's great finding out new theories about her and Thomas! I think your theory about Thomas, the murals and him being an ex-station 3 member is extremely plausible. It all makes sense. Thanks again! I LOVE listening to the casts. Can't wait for the next one!

Tristan from Paris France emailed us an audio comment. We had some great discussion on the pronunciation of Racheal's name French. Tristan also emailed us a few theories he has. Here's what he wrote…

1) Locke is as ignorant as the other survivors about the Island
There's a lot of talk about how Locke knows more that what he says, that he has powers and knows when it's raining, especially after the episode when the light was coming out of the Hatch and he screamed something like: “I've done everything you've wanted me to do”. Well I think he's just more sensible to the magnetic field just as birds are sensible to Earth magnetic field.
It's possible that he's like the healers who pretend to be able to repair human body natural magnetic field to cure people's illness. As there's a strong artificial field in Station 3, he just interpreted the variation of the magnetic as a message. It is possible that when the intensity of the magnetic field increases, he feels like an urge to follow it, just as if someone is calling him. That feeling may be that “gut feeling” he had when he was tracking Claire and Charly in jungle. Boone asked Locke how he knew it was the right direction, Locke says he had a gut feeling. And at the end that gut feeling led them the Hatch ! So I don't think he heard anybody talking to him, it's just interpretation of the way he feels the change of amplitude in the magnetic field.
2) Could the Others be a group of people made of other Desmonds?
I've seen some posts speculating about Desmond being an Other, but I think that it's a also interesting to reverse the question. If Dharma has recruited other people to put them in the other Stations and don't want them to leave the island, these people could have realized that Dharma has lied to them as no one is coming to replace them. So they could have started to come out of their bunker and discovered that – the drugs that they inject to themselves are changing them – Dharma wants children So they started to kidnapp the kids, as they are valuable goods to trade for medicine or cure from Dharma.
About the injecting changing people DNA, have you noticed something in the crossword grid that Locke was working on ? Most of the words are gibberish, you don't understand anything and it's not Locke's doing. You can notice that Locke put a point on his “i” when writing Gilgamesh, but in the other “i”, there's no poin on it ! So the gibberish is made by someone else, possibly Desmond.
3) Thomas was with Dharma from the beginning
I have a darker version of your theory about Thomas' behavior. I think the reason why Thomas told Claire that he loved her and they
can make it through with the baby is that he is with Dharma or was pressured by Dharma since the beginning. I think that he freaked out when Claire was panicked and may want to abort. So Thomas pretended to be supportive to keep the baby alive. So four months later when the legal period for abortion has passed Thomas revealed himself as he has accomplished his mission and left. Now it's not clear if Dharma wanted all along to bring the baby to the island or could have been happy to take Claire's baby by adoption, but the adoption or the psychic could have the plan B for Dharma to get the baby.
4) Eko became a priest in order to track the plane
I don't know if you guys have hear the Transmission spoiler about Eko, as it seems that he's a Nigerian warlord who wanted to be
ordained priest. Based on this spoiler, my theory about Ecko is that he's a good and faithful warlord who has discovered that a member of his tribe has been dishonoring him by smuggling drung and by pretending to be a missionary. So he knows how the drug is concealed in the Virgin Mary statue, that would explain all the rage he displayed in smashing the statue in the preview. As he wanted to punish the people who committed this blasphemy, he asked to be ordained priest so he can go on missions to track the drug plane. And his chase brought him to Australia and he was probably going to LA.

Tim from Oxford in the UK called via our listener comment voicemail line. He had no idea how much it might cost for him to place the call to the US but he did it anyway. We are so honored that he enjoys the show so much that he would be willing to do this.
Kim from Southern California called, as did Dean from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Dr. Matthew Bruder from Chicago Michigan. WE LOVE OUR LISTENER AUDIO COMMENTS!
Dr. Bruder also wrote…

When am I going to hear your first technology, and faith broadcasts? If you need a co-host or someone as a sidekick for your technology show, please keep me in mind. I love talking about technology, and could always make an appearance via Skype. Before medical school I was involved with broadcasting.

Matthew, I may just take you up on your offer to co-host a techcast!
Sam G sent us a link to his post on the fuselage where he linked to a number of videos inspired by Lost. Some of these are great!!!
My favorite video was the IT'S TOO LATE TO GET LOST VIDEO.
Laura emailed us and said…

It seems that lots of the “extras” keep appearing in many of the different characters' flashbacks. I keep saying “wow, this person looks familiar” over and over. I have noticed some flashback cast members who I think appear as extras in other flashbacks. Is the maid who has the cart Kate steals the key from the episode, ” What Kate Did Born To Run” Hurley's mother? Is the supposed CIA woman who manipulates Sayid Anna Lucia's mother? Is Kate's Tom in Jack's flashbacks? Is there someone who looks alot like Walt in the crowd that interviews Hurley and his family. Could Walt have a brother? Can any of you who know how to make screen captures check these out?

I FINALLY GOT AROUND TO DOING THOSE SCREENSHOTS… Laura, I hate to burst your bubble…. But I think that they are all different “extras.” Sorry! Here's my screenshot summary from most of the connections you mention above.

Matt from Winterville North Carolina emailed us. Here's what he said…

Hi Cliff, I love your podcasts. I came up with the beginning of a theory last night… You have established that the girl in Desmond's photo is the same as the girl who tried to adopt Claire's baby. This would lead us to assume that she is in some way connected to Dharma or the Others. We know that the Others like to take children. What if this lady actually worked for an adoption agency in L.A. as a way to find potential children? With Jack's wife coming out of major surgery, it's possible that she was not able to have children. What if they tried to adopt a child, and this was the lady that was assisting them? It could explain why Jack hesitated when he saw the picture. Keep up the good work, and say “hi” to the ladies of Ravenscraft.org for me :)

Excellent thoughts Matthew! We like this.
Michelle from Paramus, New Jersey sent us this email…

Your podcasts are awesome. I found some websites with all the photos of the people we know have been on LOST. You might want them out…. You mentioned Robert and Sally in your podcast on 12/30/05 and they have them mentioned but no pictures obviously….
Also, I have found a site which has some great quotes from the Characters if you are interested.
Did you guys happen to see the sign in the episode about Kate when she visited her mom in the hospital? It's interesting. Check it out… http://www.4815162342.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5619
The screen caps show “MRI”, The “I” says “IMAGINING” and not IMAGING. Do you think it was a mistake? I mean, I doubt it but it's interesting considering that on the Hanso website, like you guys mentioned, there are Active Projects and one is “The Hanso Foundation Electromagnetic Research Initiative “.

I did look into this. I did a google search on this and found there are a number of sites out on the web that make this same typo. I think it was an error, not intended to give us a clue to anything. Here's an example.
Gracie's Mom (KIM) emailed us..

Happy New Year! I keep telling my husband that I'm famous because I've been mentioned on your podcast (insert his DORK joke here)

YOU ARE SOOOOO FAMOUS!!!! We have decided to invite you to come onto Good Morning America with us when we get invited!

While playing around on different Lost sites I noticed this…may be old news…I went to the Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack website and I noticed that there is an ad on the right side for a washer and dryer…they are the same washer and dryer that are in Desmond's hatch.

I was not able to find this site. I found a bunch of mr. cluck sites, but they took me to a host of other places. No official site that I could find. What's the link?

You guys were taking about the DNA injection and tying it in to Thomas and Claire… Do you remember when Claire came back from being taken by Ethan? She was having nightmares… after one of the nightmares she said she the people where trying to inject her stomach… but there weren't any marks…who knows…a tie in? Maybe.

We played an audio clip of Claire talking about this on our show!

As far as feedback….keep it up. I enjoy the banter between you and the girls. Who doesn't babble? You three have tons of good information about the show and I enjoy the conversational style of your program. Over the holidays I started my own blog…and I added your site. I hope it brings you a few more listeners. (although no one else I knows watches the show!)

Great Family Blog… We need to see some pictures of Kim!
We want to thank everyone who took time to contact us by commenting on this blog, sending us an email, or by calling our listener feedback line. Our email address is [email protected] We really love audio comments the best. Either record and audio file on your computer and email it to us, or call our voice mail listener feedback line. (413) 521-0958 THERE IS NO PERSONALIZED GREETING!!!
Resource Of The Week Segment:
-Lost-TV TRANSCRIPTS! http://www.lost-tv.com/transcripts/
Quick Podcast Update
Last week, 390 people had downloaded our 2nd Lost Podcast Episode. This week, over 1000 people have downloaded our 3rd Lost Podcast Episode. WOW! I can't believe how awesome the response to our show has been. Please tell everyone you know who “gets lost” about our show!
We want to say a VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU TO Carlos Castellano from Humble Texas. Carlos is the first person to contribute financially to the Generally Speaking Podcast using the PayPal Donate Button in the menu of our blog and podcast website! Carlos has his own business Lantana Lawns & Landscaping. Carlos! Thank you sooooo much! You donation of $5.00 will certainly help to offset the cost of producing our show!
I'd like some help from our listeners who are going with audio mixes. I'd like to get some transision music to use during the show. Also, currently, at the beginning, I have a recording where I say “Generally Speaking is a podcast production of Cliff Ravenscraft and Friends.” First, I want to change it to read….. “Generally Speaking is a podcast production of RAVENSCRAFT DOT ORG” However, I'd like our listeners to record this new intro in their voice and send us a copy via email. If we use your intro, we'll give you credit for it!
We ended with our INTERVIEW WITH RYAN & JENN!
Just after the closing theme, I put a hilarious blooper!
We'll do it again next week!
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