LostCast 12-22-05 Show Notes

by Cliff Ravenscraft on December 23, 2005

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This evening, Stephanie, myself, and our neighbor Racheal Griffin recorded the second episode of the Generally Speaking Lost Podcast. If you haven't yet subscribed to our podcast, you really should!
In the show, we talked a lot abou the mural in the hatch looking an aweful lot like Thomas', Claire's ex-boyfriend, paintings. In fact, if you look at the two screen caps I did below, I've pointed out a face that seems to be exactly the same. It's reversed and in Thomas' apartment, we can see that it isimply is finished with the detailed work, but it is OBVIOUSLY the same artist who did both murals.
Other things we noticed were that in the hatch, the mural had several numbers. In a painting in Thomas' apartment, we see a number, 125, on the painting. Look really close at the 5's in both screen caps. They are the exact same “hand/paint” writing? You can click on these two screen caps to see much larger images.
click for larger image
click for larger image

Resource Of The Week!

Our resource of the week is a post made on the lost-forum.com website. CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK! This post has a graphical design layout of the hatch. The author of the post has clearly done their homework. Rather than try to explain it, please just check it out.
This is the article that is Proof The Numbers Don't mean anything. However, we are hoping that the producers will change their minds and decide to use any one of the great theories that we fans have come up with.
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We want to send a special thanks to Scott & Steve (Dylan & Craig), Lostcasts, and of course Ryan & Jenn from The Transmission for the plugs for our new podcast! I already feel like a family member of the Lost Podcaster Community.
Finally, with our three plugs from the other three major Lost Podcasts, I expect that our subscriptions will increase greatly. The cost to make these files available for download to so many people is going to go well beyond what I'm currently paying with my current hosting package I have here at ravenscraft.org. Any amount of a donation would be greatly appreciated! I've tested the Paypal donate button on the menu, and you can donate as little as ONE DOLLAR to the podcast. If enough people donated a single dollar, we would be able to pay for the bandwidth we need to keep this show available.
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