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by Cliff Ravenscraft on December 30, 2005

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We recorded our third Lost Podcast episode on Wednesday, December 29th. Due to some scheduling issues, we had to record a bit earlier than normal and as a result, there were a few interruptions of children during our recording session. I spent a great deal of time editing the show to make it flow as much as possible. In spite of that, this may still be the best episode to date and I think we still can improve as we find out what types of things work and don't work for our discussions. We need your feedback!
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Listener Feedback
We want to say a special thanks to those who sent us feedback and comments this past week. Gracie's Mom (KIM), we'll keep these episodes coming as long as you will listen to them! Ashleigh, you spend nearly as much time thinking about Lost as I do! Thanks for your many comments on the blog! John, thanks for your input as well! I'm glad you reminded us of Danielle's husband's name (Robert). Brendon, we will definately make the resource of the week a normal part of the show. And last, but certainly not least, thank you Tristan & MIchael E. for your honest feedback! We hope to gain you as a long time listeners to the show.
Today's show started off with a bit of listener feedback, as we discussed The Oceanic Air Website, The Hanso Foundation Website, and more about the Mural in the hatch and how it compaired to Thomas' painting. I am personally certain that Thomas painted he mural in the hatch. Tristan respectfully disagrees with me. However, I was looking at the Scott & Steve Podcast Blog and noticed that they had placed a link that was given to them by a listener named Aimee. This is an Amazing Link regarding the Mural and Thomas' painting! Thanks also to Sam G. who posted this link to our last set of show notes just before recorded our show!
Thanks to Humys.net for this Screenshot…

In my Thomas Theory, we talked about the shot Desmond took with the numbers written on it. If Thomas had previously worked on the island, could he have also taken this shot? Could this shot have done something to Thomas' dna that when Dharma found out that Claire was pregnant, they would come after their baby? I like this theory!
Resource Of The Week:
We've decided to give two resources of the week this week. This first one is especially nice during a six week only hiatis.
1) Next Episode Of Lost Countdown!
I can't wait to see the 23rd Psalm!
2) The Ten Commandments of the Island
We had a fun time discussing each of these on our show!
Generally Speaking Status Report!
As of 12/30/05 06:44am (Newer Data Than Even In The Show!)
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Special Recap: Lost: Revelations
Airdate: January 11, 2006 at 8 p.m.
Discover the complete story of the grueling first 48 days on the island for the fuselage survivors and tailies after the crash of Oceanic flight 815. Since the beginning, “Lost” has mystified and intrigued viewers with its interesting characters and unique style of storytelling. Season One dealt with the fuselage survivors, the hatch and a failed attempt to get off the island. Season Two continues these stories and also introduces viewers to the survivors of the tail section. “Lost: Revelation” puts these two seasons together in a linear fashion that provides an illuminating view on one compelling story. See the sequence of the aftermath of the failed raft attempt, the opening of the hatch, how the tail section and fuselage survivors lived separately and the unwitting intersections of their lives, and how both groups ultimately collided in one catastrophic moment. “Lost: Revelation” offers new and avid viewers a fresh perspective, comprehensive and enlightening, in one of television's most intriguing series. (Source: ABC)
DO YOU HAVE ANY FRIENDS WHO ARE NOT YET INTO LOST? Get them to tune in on January 11th so they can catch Lost Revelations! This will give them what they need to enter into season 2 episode 10. I bet if you do, they will immediately go out and buy the season 1 dvd!
Episode 2.10: The 23rd Psalm
Airdate: January 11, 2006

Master Sgt. Crystal L. Anderson was an extra in a filming of LOST in Hawaii. She played a member of a church congregation. The scene was designed to depict the mental flashback of a character in the show named Mr. Eko, played by veteran actor Adewale Akinnuowy-Agbaje. Per an interview with a local army newspaper, she says Mr. Eko is “king of the warlords” in Nigeria. He enters the church with other warlords and asks his brother, a minister in the church, to ordain him as a minister. Everyone is frightened, knowing Mr. Eko's reputation, and the church is cleared, so only two warlords, Mr. Eko and his brother, are left. (Source: The Transmission)
Mr. Eko interrogates Charlie about the Virgin Mary statue, Claire begins to lose faith in Charlie when she discovers his secret, and Jack is an interested observer when Kate gives the recovering Sawyer a much-needed haircut. (Source: ABC)
Eko's upcoming flashback episode, titled “The 23rd Psalm,” will shed more light on why the character took a 40-day vow of silence on the island. And producers promise more info on that stick. “It has its own flashback,” [Damon] Lindelof quips. (Source: TV Guide)
Eko-centric. (Source: SecretAgentMan at TWoP)
Episode 2.11: The Hunting Party
Airdate: January 18, 2006

Jack, Locke and Sawyer pursue a determined Michael after he heads into the jungle toward the dreaded “Others” in search of Walt. Meanwhile, Sun has a surprising reaction to Jin's desire to join the search party, and Hurley and Charlie commiserate over the age-old conundrum of “what women want.” Monica Dean, Ronald Guttman and John Terry guest star amongst others. (Source: ABC)
Damon Lindelof revealed that John Terry will be in this episode. (Source: Ain't It Cool News)
Jack-centric. Julie Bowen will guest star. (Source: Ain't It Cool News)
Episode 2.12: Fire + Water
Airdate: Winter 2006

Flashbacks will feature 8-year-old Charlie and 12-year-old Liam. (Source: SpoilerFix.com)
Charlie-centric episode that will feature his parents as well as his brother. We learn that Mr. Pace is a butcher. The episode will also feature Karen, the wife of a rock star (Liam?) and a British director. (Source: My Entertainment World)
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