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by Cliff Ravenscraft on December 13, 2005

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UPDATE 5/26/2006:
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I've had several folks come back to this archived blog entry to tell me that due to the Season Finale of Season Two of Lost, it is obvious that Pen looks nothing like the adoption lady. Most people realized what I did immediately when we saw Live Together Die Alone. That is that the producers of the show CHANGED THE PHOTO!

Some believe that they had a change in the story line. Perhaps the lady in the photo was the actress that was going to play Pen, but they had some casting changes so they photoshopped the photo to go along with the newly casted actress.
However, I would like to believe that the producers decided to CHANGE the story line a bit because I had guessed their original story that the Adoption Lady and Desmond really worked for Dharma together. ;)
Either way, I still stick by the fact that the girl from the original Desmond photo was the same actress that played the adoption lady. See that side by side shot below.
Now back to the original post

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Since we have a few weeks before our next new episode of LOST, I thought I would go ahead and post some screen shots that might just make you think….
First, I want to give Racheal Griffin credit for catching this possible link. Rachael had seen the screen capture of the photo of Desmond and his girlfriend in the hatch. When she saw the photo, she said that it looked just like the lady who was trying to adopt Claire's baby. So I went back and did a screen cap of the lady who was trying to adopt Claire's baby and sure enough, it looks like the same woman to me! Here's my theory, the physchic guy new that the “others” were trying to get Claire's baby. Recall he said, “you mustn't allow an other to raise this child.” Desmond is obviously tied to the island and if this was Desmond's girlfriend, how ironic is it that she was trying to adopt Claire's baby? Here's the screen caps… you decide.

This next set of screen caps comes from the “What Kate Did” episode. Within the same episode, we see the very same curious looks on the mantel in the living room of Kate's mom's house and again in the hatch. First, Kate is carrying her drunk father from the front door to the bedroom, as the picture pan's to show them walking through the kitchen, we see the mantel with this strange looking box and notice the black horse standing in front of it. Next, we see this same curious looking box in the hatch next to the film projector.
Such a box can't be found just anywhere.. It had to be placed there for a reason. My theory… Kate's dad isn't dead! Someone came in and got Kate's dad out of the house and got this box out of those house just before the explosion. Could it have been Desmond? We have a possible link now with Desmond and Claire's baby via his girlfirend mentioned above, Desmond's box in his hatch from Kate's mom's house, and obviously with Jack in the Stadium. Here's some pics of the box…

We haven't heard a lot lately about the Security System or the monster since Kate threw the explosives down the hole to save Locke, which must have hurt it in some way. I heard a while back that this “smoke” could actually be millions of nanobots that can come together and form multiple shapes, like the chain that was pulling Locke into the hole. I like this theory, it is something that could be so strong as to knock down trees and yet remain unseen. Here are some screen shots that I got of the Security System.

Please note: All of the above screen caps are my work. However, this following one is something I found on the internet. I'm not sure what episode the starry scene was suppose to be from and so I have not been able to go back and verify that it is authentically from the show. But let's assume it is for fun. In the screen cap, you see a layout of the connect four game. Please notice that they numbered the holes and if you pull out 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, & 42 it obviously makes a picture of the “big dipper.”
Remember when Hurley goes back to see the mental patient who gave him the numbers? When Hurley finds him, he's intently playing connect four with himself and insanely repeating the numbers over and over again. Aha! If the screen cap of the stars is really from a lost episode, then this is quite the clue. Why? Well, I'm not into astrology, but I'm told that the big dipper is actually reversed in the screen cap below. The theory some have given is that the island is actually located on a planet somewhere else in space where viewing the big dipper from the other side would look like it does here. Very interesting indeed.

Well… That's all I have for now… I'd love your comments!
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