Project #MeanEggRush Coming Saturday, May 7th, 2011

by Cliff Ravenscraft on April 26, 2011

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Hey folks, Stephanie and I have been working, behind the scenes, on a brand new podcast that we are about ready to launch. We have given this new project the code name #MeanEggRush.

I can tell you that this new podcast is a part of our plans to get back into the production of our entertainment based podcasting. Though, like the Twilight Saga Podcast, this podcast will not be devoted to television show, but will be another podcast devoted to a chapter by chapter review of a popular books series.

I say popular, but the funny thing is that I had never heard of the series prior to Stephanie telling me about it just over a week ago. After doing some investigation and getting over a bit of initial skepticism, I'm happy to announce that we have already started to read the first book of the series and have already recorded the first episode with a second episode to be recorded as early as today.

We both feel like this is going to be a show that a very large percentage of the community will enjoy. If you hate secrets and simply can't wait until Saturday, May 7th, I have great news. We actually reveal what this secret project is in episode 047 of the Twilight Saga Podcast where we finally got around to recording our review of the final few chapters of Breaking Dawn. That podcast episode will be released on Monday, May 2nd at 5am Eastern Time.

We sincerely hope that the community will climb on board and enjoy this journey with us. Be on the look out for the new show to launch on our site on the 7th!

UPDATE: We released this episode a week early! Check out

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