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by Cliff Ravenscraft on March 21, 2005

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In my last postal titled “A Dental Nightmare” I started off by saying that I've felt a little bummed this past week. I was going to write about the whole week of concerns until I finished writing about the trip to the dentist that started the week off for us. I noticed that the post was getting a bit long and for fear that people wouldn't read it if it got any longer, I decided to continue with this second post today.
So here we are. If you read my blog regularly, you know that Matthew has just got well after having a pretty serious repertory infection that required albuterol breathing treatments. I may have never mentioned this, but at one of Matthew's earliest checkups revealed that he had a slight heart murmur that has always been in the back of my mind from that point up through today. So Matthew just started feeling well again and now he has four cavities that we need to address. Not only does Matthew have four cavities that are just beginning to give him a little pain, but he has also not been dealing too well with the idea of having another baby in the house. Matthew has always been really close to Stephanie and just the thought that McKenna will take away mommy's attention has created a little regression in him.
Each week at Church, he's been crying that he doesn't want to go to Sunday School. Just last week, he cried all day at school and told his teachings his belly hurt. The school called Stephanie and asked her to come pick him up. Once there, he perked right up and you would have thought this little guy was well enough to compete in the Olympics with all the gymnastics he was doing when he got so excited about his mommy coming to pick him up. So Stephanie and I are dealing with Matthew who has four cavities and some very late in the game separation anxiety.
If it were only these two things, I don't feel that I would be as stressed out as I am. However, Meagan is also having some medical issues of her own. Starting months ago, she began to complain that her neck hurts and her fingers hurt. These complaints happened mainly at night. It was not until recently that I noticed that when she complained of her neck hurting, she kept tilting her head back and forth. Just about three weeks ago, she was giving me a hug and as she turned her head sideways, I heard her neck pop, and after our hug, when she turned her head back, it popped again. In fact, it pops all day long whenever she moves it from side to side. We are not talking straining movement, we are talking normal head movement. We asked the doctor about this and he said he couldn't feel anything wrong, but he gave us an order for an x-ray for her neck.
We haven't taking Meagan for her x-ray yet because I began to notice something else. When we go shopping and are walking for a long period of time, I noticed that Meagan would stop and roll her foot around on the with her foot arched and with the tip of her shoe (her toes) pointing straight down to the ground. I figured her toes or foot must be itching. Then I thought perhaps her shoes were getting too small. When Stephanie got her a new pair of shoes, she continued to do the same thing. The other day, I asked Meagan to take her shoe of when she was doing this and I asked her if her foot itched. She said no, it hurt. She said… “I have to roll my foot to make it stop hurting.” I asked her to point to where it was hurting. She pointed to her ankle. I held her precious ankle in my hand and I asked her to roll her foot like she is used to doing. While she rolled her foot, her ankle cracked and popped just like her neck does when she turns her head. So yes, I'm going to take some time to get my kids both looked at. Matthew by a new dentist, Meagan by her pediatrician and a bone specialist.
If that weren't enough, I have a pregnant wife who is due in four to five weeks. She's got hypertension with this pregnancy. They just told her that she has had protein in her urine the last two weeks and they are monitoring her at the hospital and in her doctor's office twice a week. Setting all the financial implications of all this aside.. If it where only for the finances, I would be okay.. But financial implications aside, I can't stand it to know that my family is having so much going on medically.
I'm not what you would call depressed about this… But it is all coming together and causing a great deal of stress and anxiety. I just want my family to be well and I would like to know that I can do whatever it takes to get them the care that they need.
Please be in prayer for Matthew, Meagan, McKenna, and Stephanie. Oh, and me too.

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