My First (Internet) Email

by Cliff Ravenscraft on November 4, 2005

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I was just doing some browing on the internet and found something that simply blew me away! What is it? It's an archived copy of the very first internet email I ever sent. Before the “Internet” became popular, I used things call BBS's or Bulletin Board Services. Basically, somoene would have some software on their own computer and they would have a modem or two hook up where others could use their modem to dial into it. Tem House ran one of these bbs's called “Magic$oft.”
Now this system always had the ability to leave messages via email for anyone else who would sign into this bbs. However, I recall when Tem set his bbs service to dial out to the “internet” which is when the users on his bbs could send email not only to other users of “magic$oft” but to anyone in the world who had an internet email address.
This was NINE YEARS AGO. Talk about nostalgia! Even in my first email, I didn't bother to proof read! Just like me…. Type it and hit send….
Want to see a copy of my first email? CLICK HERE

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