My Imaginary Friends – Added Photos! (Updated 02/19/2007)

by Cliff Ravenscraft on February 19, 2007

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Richard Emblem:
In a recent podcast, Fred from Long Island called into our show and told us a story about a conversation he and his wife were having in their car. He had referenced something we had said on a podcast. Saying something like “Cliff and Stephanie said…” His wife asked, who are Cliff & Stephanie? When he explained that we were the couple with the podcast, his wife responded, “You talk about them like they are real!”
The same thing happens with our friends here locally. We tell our friends about conversations with have back and forth with many of our listeners and we mention them by name. We get that same sort of feeling from our friends. They kind of look at us in such a way as to say.. “You guys act like you “really know these people or something.”
Well this is a photo of Richard Emblem. He lives in Leatherhead Surrey England. Richard and I probably email each other back and forth approximately 10 to 20 times in a week. We have great conversations about faith, family, and life in general. Some may feel that it is impossible to “build a relationship” with anyone through email. However, I will tell you that I truly do consider Richard to be among my listen of people who I would call a good friend.
There are many more “imaginary” friends that Stephanie and I have out there. In fact, here are some photos that we have received from some of my other imaginary friends I've met through podcasting. If you are one of our imaginary friends and would like to be added to this post, then simply send us a photo to share.
Updated Photos:

Steve & Leeann Webb

Fr. Roderick Vonhogan

Chef Mark Tafoya

Geoff Gentry

Matthew Bruder

Dane Pierstorff

Kim aka GoodThingsComin in our forum!

Alaska Brad Rich

Scott Sheriff

Travis Deem

Edith and Brian Baker

Dylan Mazziotti

Barbara Byrd

Fred From Long Island & The Family!

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