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by Cliff Ravenscraft on December 6, 2006

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Recently, I had the honor of talking with Leo Leporte for a short bit before he recorded his [email protected] show on TalkShoe. I've been a huge fan of Leo's since I first saw him on The Screen Savers. Leo introduced me to the world of podcasting with his This Week In Tech podcast.
Leo's background includes many years in radio broadcasting before he got into the world of tech and even tv. I did not waste this opportunity! I told him that I was in the market to purchase a VERY NICE microphone for my podcasting and asked him to give me his best recommendation of a $300 to $500 microphone. He said that hands down, he would suggest that I get the Heil Sound PR-40 Broadcast Microphone. He said that this is the microphone of choice for his own radio talk show and all his podcasts.
I immediately took his advice and ordered this microphone and I've played around with it for a bit. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS MICROPHONE! I can't believe how much of a difference this microphone makes over the inexpensive mics that I started out with.
At Musician's Friend, I was able to pick this microphone up for $314.99 with a 2 year warranty for $58.25 and I didn't want to use a $4.00 mic cable that picks up all kinds of interference, so I ordered a P500 Monster Cable 15ft for $49.95. Total Cost? $423.19
I know it sounds like a lot of money. However, I consider this an investment in something that has clearly become much more than a hobby to me.
Want to hear what this microphone sounds like? Download This Podcast Episode.

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