My Wife Looks Younger As She Gets Older!

by Cliff Ravenscraft on August 11, 2011

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My wife celebrated another birthday yesterday. However, I think it is amazing that she looks younger today than she did in September 2007. For those of you who think I might just be saying that because she's my wife and I'm trying to earn bonus points, please look at the image below for proof of what I am saying is true!

Stephanie Ravenscraft - Before And After

The Before picture is her Drivers License from September of 2007 and the After picture is her Drivers License from last week, August 2011.

So in the past four years, my wife looks about ten years younger. If you think this is impressive, you should read the blog post she did a while back titled “My Favorite Things About Losing 72 Pounds.” (Link Here)

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