No Place Like Home

by Cliff Ravenscraft on June 29, 2005

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It is 6:15am and as I sit back on the beach, I'm about to watch the sun rise over the Great Exuma Island. Stephanie, McKenna, and I head home this afternoon. When we first arrived at the island on Saturday, a bus was waiting to drive us from the airport to our hotel.
One of the folks from our group was talking with the bus driver and I listened as he named off all the places that he had been to visit. He spoke of all the other Bahama Islands, places in Europe, and even several of the our States. Then the driver was asked where would he most want to live and the driver replied, “there's no place on Earth that compares to the Great Exuma Island.” In essence, he gave the universal answer to such a question… “There's No Place Like Home.”
I've also been to a lot of places before and each place has it's unique appeal. As far as beautiful secluded beaches, Great Exuma has the best. However, after five days of being away from my daughter Meagan and my son Matthew, I'm ready to go home. I'm ready to sleep in my own bed. And yes, I'm even ready to go back to work. It's hard to believe that in 24 hours from now, I will be sitting in my office and this relaxing vacation will simply become another memory of another great Grange Life Incentive Vacation. It's been a great one.
Here's a few quick links to all the photos I've placed online from my trip.
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As I leave, I'm thinking about what memories of Great Exuma I'll be taking back with me. From what I've learned, prior to the Four Seasons Resort being built about four years ago, this island was relatively untouched by modern day city life. In fact, even today, outside of this resort, there is no modern night clubs, fast food restraints, or anything even remotely close to a Lowes, Walmart, or a Best Buy. The grocery store for the island's population of somewhere between Three to Six Thousand inhabitants, depending on who you talk to, is no more than an old-time country corner market from the states.
Most folks, that I've talked to from the island, seem grateful for the improvements that the resort has brought to the island. Prior to the resort, the public water system brought only salt water into the homes here on the island. One person told me that it used to be that when many people got old enough, they would simply leave the island of Great Exuma to live and work somewhere else. However, a lot of those folks are now moving back to the island as it is becoming more popular island and many jobs are becoming available here. In fact, with only this resort on the island right now, tourism is about 60% of the island's industry. Amazing!
Part of me is happy for the people of the island that such modernization is being brought to the island and that those who own land here will see a great increase in value on that land. However, part of me hates to see such simple living where everyone is so content with so little being traded for yet another over crowded tourist attraction over the next 10 years.
I wish I had more time right now to write more, but I must get everything ready so that I can go home to see my kids today!

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