One Full Year Of Podcasting!

by Cliff Ravenscraft on November 30, 2006

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I can't believe it. By the time December 16th, 2006 rolls around, we will have released more than 120 GSPN podcast episodes. That's roughly 3 1/2 hours of audio content released on average each week. However, this is NOTHING compared to the listener response to our podcasts.
We have served more than a HALF A MILLION downloads in the past year, an average of 9,600 downloads each week. We have received more than 7,000 emails and more than 400 voice mails from our listeners. We have an online forum with more than 1,100 members registered where they have posted more than 30,000 messages. We have listeners from every continent on the earth and we have developed close friendships with a very large number of our listeners.
You know, I joked in our very first podcasts that we did that we would be “famous” one day. I was totally joking, thinking that I'd be lucky if I got more than 60 people who would ever want to hear me talk about anything on a podcast.
Today, it is hard for Stephanie and I wrap our heads around the fact that we are “celebrities” in the podcasting world. Please don't mistake that statement as being boastful! This is a term that hundreds of our listeners have used to describe us, not our own words!
I recall actually making a phone call to a certain listener in Alaska about a month ago. He had emailed me his number a long time ago. I finally had some free time to give him a quick call and I was blown away by his response. I could tell that he was excited for just a moment and then he said something like, “Oh my gosh, I can't believe I'm actually talking to The Cliff Ravenscraft.” That was a weird moment for me, and for just a moment, I gained an understanding of just how “famous” Stephanie and I seem to be in the eyes of our listeners.
The truth is that Stephanie and I are just two normal people. Okay, well Stephanie's pretty normal, I'm “almost” normal. Our lives are just as crazy as the next person. We are living with the consequences of poor financial decisions made in our past just like the next person. We have our struggles just like anyone else. But one thing is different. That is the fact is that podcasting has changed our lives forever!
The world seems so much smaller to us now. I have friends in countries I'd only heard about in school. Not just pen pals. But friends with whom I communicate with on a basis that now equals the the amount of communication with most of the people who are my closest friends here in my own home town.
For me personally, I once considered myself to simply be an “American” who lives in the state of Kentucky. Today, I don't consider the fact that I live in America as nearly as important as I once did. Don't get me wrong, I am patriotic and I am very proud of the freedoms and opportunities that my country offers to me and my family as citizens here. However, much in the same way that becoming a Christian made me a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven, podcasting has caused me to realize, on a much larger level, what that really means. I have brother and sisters who are fellow citizens of what I now consider to be a global community.
German, British, Irish, Australian, Norwegian, Dutch, Finish, etc. These distinctions are “nearly” insignificant when I communicate daily with my friends who each carry such titles, like I carry the title of American. Podcasting has allowed me to jump over cultural barriers. And because of the way God has called me to approach my faith, I've been able to break free from some other “labels,” that used to weigh me down, to where I can now establish meaningful relationships with people regardless of their political or religious perspectives.
If podcasting has done this much to change my life in just one short year, I can't even imagine where the future will take me in this world as I pursue my passion for podcasting even further.
Stephanie and I want to thank each and every one of you who have listened to our podcasts over the past year. Thanks for your calls, your emails, and your friendship! We feel the love and prayers that each of you send our way!
May God bless each and every one of you as much as we have been blessed!
Cliff J. Ravenscraft
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