484 PABL – A Time of Quiet Self Reflection!

by Cliff Ravenscraft on December 30, 2010

in Pursuing A Balanced Life, The Old Pursing A Balanced Life Podcast

I’ve spent the past ten days in a time of quite self reflection. During the past three days, I’ve read the entire auto-biography of George Muller. This episode is a follow up from episode 483 of Pursuing A Balanced Life, where I share just what God’s been laying on my heart these past few days.

I still don’t have a clear vision of what 2011 will look like. However, I have this strange feeling that I’m not supposed to even concern myself with that until after the new year starts. I have full faith that God will not only provide in amazing ways, beyond my imagination, but that I’ll also be flooded with fresh new inspiration on a regular basis as I move forward through the new year.

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