538 PABL – What You Think About Matters

by Cliff Ravenscraft on October 5, 2013

in Pursuing A Balanced Life, The Old Pursing A Balanced Life Podcast

In this episode of Pursuing A Balanced Life, I talk about the following topics.

– Howe recording a daily podcast fits into a pursuit of a balanced life.
– My thoughts on the following quote from “Outwitting The Devil” by Napoleon Hill.

The person who thinks in terms of power, success, opulence, sets up a rhythm which attracts these desirable possessions. The person who thinks in terms of misery, failure, defeat, discouragement, and poverty attracts these undesirable influences. This explains why both success and failure are the result of habit. Habit establishes one’s rhythm of thought, and that rhythm attracts the object of one’s dominating thoughts.

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