606 PABL – How Setting & Protecting Boundaries May, Sometimes, Cause You To Lose A Paying Customer

by Cliff Ravenscraft on April 23, 2015

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In this episode of Pursuing A Balanced Life, I share something that is not easy to share. This week, I received an email from a client who had already spent nearly $2,000 with me and who had already communicated that he had every intention on spending at least another $2,000 with me within the next few weeks.

The subject of this email was to let me know how disappointed he was by that fact that I was not willing to make myself available to answer all of the “quick questions” that he had related to the setup of his podcast.

It's important to note that I had clearly communicated my limitations on accessibility (or boundaries) before he ever spent a single dollar with me and, also, that he stated that he understood and respected my expressed limitations of availability prior to my May 25th session of Podcasting A to Z.

This email me caused me to evaluate, or even question, the boundaries that I had put in place and communicated to this client. This morning, I took a great deal of time to review every email interaction that I have had with this client since the beginning of this year. Upon my review, I'm confident that I had made the right decision. With that being said, it is very possible that my setting and protecting the boundaries that I have communicated may have cost me a paying customer in this situation. However, if I had this entire situation to do over again, given the same circumstances, I would not have changed any of my responses.

I share this story in spite of the fact that it may seem to negatively reflect on my desire to serve my clients by any means necessary. In fact, for the first six years of my business, I would have done just about anything to make this client happy. However, while not setting and protecting boundaries had served my clients and my business well, it caused me to sacrifice a great deal in the area of time spent with my family and focusing on my own personal fitness and health.

It's not often when someone pushes back on your boundaries. In fact, most people really do understand and respect them. However, it's never easy to have a paying customer who communicates that they feel that you have let them down.

If you are interested in hearing the full story, please have a listen to this episode.

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