613 PABL – Getting Prepared For Our Trip To Europe

by Cliff Ravenscraft on June 24, 2015

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In this longer episode of Pursuing A Balanced Life, I share what I've been doing to get prepared for our family's two week European Vacation. I talk about content production for Podcast Answer Man. I talk about the financial ramifications of intentionally putting most of my business pursuits on the back burner to place an extreme focus on the area of health and fitness in 2015. I, then, wrap up the episode by answer John Budd's question about the type of bike that I purchased, the bike seat that I use, and the gear recommended to go with your bike.

I mention the Global Cycling Network YouTube Channel. Below are some of my favorite episodes.

  • How To Fix A Flat Tyre – Fix A Road Bike Puncture
  • The 5 Minute Bike Wash – How To Clean Your Bike In A Hurry
  • How To Reduce The Risk Of Getting Punctures
  • How To Ride In A Group – Group Riding Etiquette
  • No More Inner Tubes? How To Get Home
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