PABL Challenge Starts November 1st

by Cliff Ravenscraft on October 19, 2009

in The Old Pursing A Balanced Life Podcast

Are you looking for way to start getting healthy or a fun way to continue your journey?'s PABL Challenge is just what you need during these winter months.'s PABL Challenge is a 16 week heath/fitness challenge for community members. Any and all are welcome. Inspired by the physical activity and nutritional changes in Cliff's life, this challenge focuses on health and fitness, not weight loss; Pursuing a Balanced Life. Each player sets their own goals, monitors their progress and shares the success (and struggles) with the community.

The “Challenge” format – Points are earned in three categories on a weekly basis. Each week participants will post their weekly results to the's PABL Challenge section of the Community Forum, points will be tallied and shared on a weekly basis. Challenge Points Leaders will be awarded at the end of each month; awarded with bragging rights! At the end of the 16 weeks Challenge Points Leaders will win a prize (to be determined, something slightly better than bragging rights!).

Point Categories

1. Intentional Physical Activity – Receive 1 point for each day that you meet your physical activity goal; a possible 7 points each week. The amount and type of exercise can be unique to each individual. Intentional Physical Activity is over and beyond your normal daily activity; enough to be considered a workout for your current physical condition.

2. Nutrition – Receive 1 point for each day that you meet your nutritional goal; a possible 7 points each week. Each individuals nutritional program and goals will be different. Any system can be used (Weight Watchers, Calorie Counting or otherwise), as long as their is a mechanism to set goals and measure them.

3. Personal Improvement – 3 points each week available for improvement in another area of your life. Each individual chooses their area of improvement, sets their goal and evaluates their progress. The personal improvement goals you set at that start will remain through the end of the challenge. Some examples of personal improvement are:

* Day of Rest – One day a week will be no work and all play.
* Personal Development – I will spend a minimum of two hours a week reading personal development material
* Unplug – I will unplug from technology every day at 7pm
* Organize – I will spend one evening a week organizing something in my life (closet, finances, todo list…)

4. Weight Loss (optional – no points) As keeping a healthy weight is key to a balanced life, there are some community members working hard to lose weight. This optional category, for no points, will be modeled after The Biggest Loser. Each week each participant will email (for privacy) their current weight, and their % of weight loss will be posted with the Challenge Points. (Participants weights will not be posted, only the % of weight change.)

How to Participate

Its easy to get started, click here to get registered for the community forum if you are not already registered. Next, simply post a message in the PABL Challenge section of the Community Forum with your Intentional Physical Activity Goal, Nutritional Goal and Self Improvement Goal. If you are participating in the Weight Loss, email your starting weight to [email protected]. On a weekly basis, you will post your weekly results and points to the forum. A sample post will be available in the forum. You will have until Wednesday to post your results for the previous week. After all the posts are in, a summary for the week will be posted back to the forum.

Getting Started

The challenge will start on November 1st and end on February 20, 2010. If someone joins late, they will be given the lowest number of points, minus 1, for each week missed. The Challenge is closed for new comers after 10 weeks, January 9th, 2010.

If you have any questions, post them to the PABL Challenge FAQ section of the Community Forum.

Join today!

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