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by Cliff Ravenscraft on September 27, 2012

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There was a widespread panic among bloggers and podcasters this past weekend. On Friday, many people woke up to find that Feedburner was reporting that all their feeds had zero subscribers. It's hard to explain just how many emails, tweets, facebook messages, etc that I had received regarding this issue.

Rather than respond to anyone right away, I immediately tested feedburner and then wrote a blog post titled “Feedburner – Is The Sky Really Falling?” If you have not yet done so, I highly encourage you to read my Feedburner blog post and all the conversations within the comments.

I'm happy to say that my prediction was correct. Feedburner had updated their status blog, letting the world know that they were aware of the issue and that they were working to resolve it. Had people heeded my suggestion of simply enjoying their weekend, they would have come back to find that not only did Feedburner resolve the issue, they also restored all the stats, during the days of the outage, to all accounts.

I will argue that events of this weekend were the greatest thing to happen for those of us who use Feedburner. Why? Because it proves that Google does still have people who work on Feedburner, they do still have a status blog that they will update to let us know when they are working on a widespread issue. I share more of my thoughts in this podcast episode as well.

Should I Pay A Flat Fee For Bandwidth or Pay Per GB?
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