288 Podcast Answer Man – My Secret Podcasting Project Revealed And Much More!

by Cliff Ravenscraft on December 14, 2012

in Podcast Answer Man

My Secret Podcast Project Revealed
In this episode, I finally reveal that The Lord of the Rings Fan Podcast is the secret project I've been working on over the past several months. I explain why I decided to create a Lord of the Rings fan podcast, the approach I'm taking to the show and the reason why I have decided to delay the official launch of the podcast. It is my hope that sharing this information will help you understand some of the thoughts that I consider before committing to the launch of an additional podcast.

Personal Plug of The Week
This week's Personal Plug of the Week is for Willie Urish's Deer Hunting Podcast. Willie's done an excellent job and has great energy in his podcast. If you happen to be a deer hunter, you'll certainly want to check it out. If you're not a deer hunter, you probably know somebody who is; be sure to tell them about Willie's Deer Hunting podcast, and if you like it, be sure to let him know you heard about him from the Podcast Answer Man. Congratulations to Willie on publishing his first podcast episode this week!


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