307 Podcast Answer Man – Why Don’t I Have Thousands of People Listening To My New Podcast? Using Vine To Engage With Your Audience – Podcast Mastermind Update

by Cliff Ravenscraft on May 9, 2013

in Podcast Answer Man

Hey folks, I'm in Orlando Florida this for a conference. However, before I left town, I recorded this extra episode and scheduled it for release here on the site while I was away.

VineImageUsing Vine To Engage With Your Audience
In this week's social media segment, Erik Fisher and I talk about how we can use Twitter's Vine Application to engage with our audience.

Why Don't I Have Thousands of People Listening To My New Podcast?
I recently received some feedback from Michael Fiorre wh left the following comment on the show notes for episode 305.

Hey Cliff, how ya doin? I've been listening to you for a little while now and I really appreciate what you're doing. I've learned a ton from you! You're tutorials have been amazing. I do however have one question. I always hear people say things like…”I just put out my first few episodes and have thousands of listens”. How is that possible? Because I started mine and I got nothing. lol. My website is coming along rather nicely. I've designed it myself including all the graphic art (it's a work in progress).  
So Im sitting here saying to myself “awesome, I have the podcast set up great. Im on stitcher, Blackberry, and iTunes. The websites starting to look great. The images have all been sized correctly and put together. The artwork was just re-done the other night. Facebook page is up and running, as well as the twitter. But at the end of the day there's no one listening to The American Rubbish. Are we a work in progress, yes I believe so. Are we comedians? No! Are we funny enough to have a few listeners, yes!  
So whats going on here Cliff. You've gotten me this far, any tips on how to take this home now? Facebook is a great outlet but many people I know barely know what a Podcast is. I know you have this A to Z course, but Im broke so thats kind of an issue. lol.

I share my full response to this question in this episode.


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