319 Podcast Answer Man – Turning A Dream For A Podcast Network Into A Reality & Embedding Facebook Posts

by Cliff Ravenscraft on August 1, 2013

in Podcast Answer Man

tvtalkimgIn this episode of Podcast Answer Man, I am delighted to share an interview with my great friend, Stuart Crane. I've talked about stuart in Podcast Answer Man on many occasions, though I may have only mentioned him by name a handful of times.

I first met Stuart back in July 2011. My first introduction to him was a letter I received with the largest Plus Membership contribution I had ever received for my podcast network. You can read that letter and see the amount of that contribution by clicking here. Since that time, Stuart and I have developed a great relationship. In fact, Stuart is one of my consulting/coaching clients, he's one of my trusted business advisors, he's now the sponsor of two of my podcasts and most importantly, he is a great friend.

TV_TalkThere are several reasons why I wanted to have Stuart as a guest on Podcast Answer Man. I wanted to start off by giving some background on who Stuart is, what business experience he has (quite impressive I might add), how he found me and why he made such a large contribution to the gspn.tv network. Next, I wanted to have Stuart share how he came up with the concept for http://TVTalk.com and what he has done to turn that idea into a reality.


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