336 Podcast Answer Man

by Cliff Ravenscraft on December 5, 2013

in Podcast Answer Man

Too much attentionIn this week's episode of Podcast Answer Man, I asked Erik Fisher to join me for the whole show to discuss more thoughts related to what we started to discuss in episode 335, related to how Twitter seemed to be losing losing sight of what originally made it so useful in building relationships.

This topic sparked quite a discussion on my Facebook post linking back to last week's episode. You can see that full discussion by clicking here. We used this discussion as a basis of continuing our conversation about what we share on social networks, scheduling automatic updates, frequency of automated posts and so much more.

We are not stating what we feel others “SHOULD” change how they choose to use social media sites like Twitter. Instead, we are simply sharing very real feelings that we have had as a result of what have been experiencing in social media. From the conversations that I've had with others, I know that we are not alone in how we feel about Twitter's evolution toward becoming an “information network.”


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