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by Cliff Ravenscraft on April 18, 2005

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So we are here at the hospital. We have our laptop and wireless internet access in the hospital room and we are set. We are at St. Elizabeth South in the Family Birth Place, Room 1333. Visiting hours are from 12 noon to 8pm. Our phone number for the room is 859-578-5085, you can call our room until 9pm. After that, you can reach me on my cell phone at 859-620-2644.

Below is the most up to date status on us here at the hospital:

3:11pm McKenna was born at 2:30pm. Stephanie only had to push for 7 minutes. Everything happened quickly and smoothly. Stephanie and McKenna are both doing fine. Anyone who would like to stop by and see McKenna can do so! Visiting hours are until 8pm, so come by and let us take your picture with McKenna.
2:03pm Stephanie is now 9cm and is 100% effaced. My next post will hopefully be an announcment of McKenna's birth. Stephanie has just a little bit more to go before she has to start pushing. So I'm going to get off of here to be by her side. My next post may not be until after McKenna is born and things are settled down.
1:25pm Stephanie is now at 6-7cm dialated. Won't be too much longer!
1:00pm Dr. Hensley just came in and checked Stephanie. She is now 6cm and 80% effaced. He confirmed that approximately 2pm if things continue to go this well. Stephanie is feeling “really good” and well rested. Should be any time now. I'll keep you posted.
12:50pm Photo Update

12:35pm Stephanie is now 5cm and 50% effaced. Things should starting going pretty fast from this point forward. Our Doctor estimates about a 2pm delivery time. We are loving the comments you guys are leaving!! It's helping to pass the time. Of course I've been writing ministry emails to Wes and Patrick. But now, I'm going to get back to tending to my wife.

Stephanie is sleeping right now. Contractions are about 2.5 minutes apart. She's getting some much needed rest and of course I'm getting in some much needed online poker!

10:55am Dr. Lea came in to check on Stephanie. She is now 3-4 cm. Meagan just called to see if McKenna is here yet. She's talking to Stephanie now. She is so excited!!! I can't wait till I can call her to tell her!
10:40am Stephanie and I are sitting here in the hospital. I just read her a little bit from a chapter in “Wild at Heart.” We are going to rent the movie “A Perfect World” when we get out of the hospital. It's supposed to be a movie that perfectly portreys just how important it is for a man to be in the life of a little boy. We can't wait to see it.
10:00am Contractions exactly three minutes apart
9:40am Stephanie got her epideral
8:17am Nurse started the Pitocin
7:56am Doctor Lea broke Stephanie's water (3 cm dialated)
7:00am Stephanie gets her IV
6:30am We checked into the hosptial and were taken to our room

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