Two Shows Have Been Nominated – PLEASE VOTE!

by Cliff Ravenscraft on November 3, 2012

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While I am very excited, I am going to keep this very brief! We have two shows that were nominated for the 8th Annual Podcast Awards this year.

Authentic Life Radio was nominated in the Entertainment category.
Encouraging Others Through Christ was nominated in the Religion Inspiration category.

The podcasts with the greatest number of votes, in each category, will win the podcast award for that category. Here's the deal, everyone is allowed to vote one time each day, EVERY SINGLE DAY, between now and November 15th.

I'm asking members of the community to consider making it a point to go to each and every day to vote for the Authentic Life Radio and Encouraging Others Through Christ podcasts.

If you want to show off your support, I've created a Facebook Group for those who are interested in letting others know that they have voted each day to show their support of the content and community. Click Here if you would like to join this Facebook Group.

That's it! Thank you so much for considering your involvement in voting daily for our shows.

Very Sincerely,


Ps. If you have some extra time, there are several community members who have podcasts that have also been nominated. I'll list shows for you to consider for each category below.

Peoples Choice
Smart Passive Income – Pat Flynn

Best Produced
The Fringe Podcast – Darrell Darnell

Best Video Podcast – Cali Lewis

Smart Passive Income – Pat Flynn

The Ramen Noodle – Daniel J. Lewis

Theatre Geeks – Dave DuFour

Please vote for Ending Human Trafficking Podcast – Dave Stachowiak
Shout out to Grammar Girl – Mignon Fogerty

Please Vote For Authentic Life Radio – Stephanie Ravenscraft & Sarah Rader
Shout out to ONCE Podcast – Daniel J. Lewis
Shout out to The Fringe Podcast – Darrell Darnell

Religion Inspiration
Please Vote For Encouraging Others Through Christ – Cliff Ravenscraft

Who-Dey Weekly – Nick Seuberling

Consider Voting For Ruby Rogues – Chuck Wood
Consider Voting For Your Website Engineer – Dustin Hartzler
Google At A Glance – John Hanlon
The Audacity To Podcast – Daniel J. Lewis

Note: Shows in green are members of The Podcast Mastermind

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