Show Notes 02/24/2006 Hiatus Week!

by Cliff Ravenscraft on February 23, 2006

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The New Generally Speaking Forum Is Now Available! Please register as a user so you can vote in our Listener Polls!
Third Week in a row, we have released the show on Friday. Remember, that our goal is by Saturday Afternoon. However, I'm always happy to get it out to you earlier whenever possible.

Off Season Review of Season One & Two

After the season finale of this season of Lost, we would like to continue on podcasting a weekly Lost Edition of Generally Speaking. The idea is that we would put together a viewing schedule for our listeners and we would view and discuss two episodes a week during the summer hiatus. To make this worth our while, we need to know that at least 1,000 of our listeners will continue to listen on a weekly basis. Are you interested? If so, Please Click Here to cast your vote!
Rem went missing this week (he's actually on holiday) but we sent Erik Fisher to the island in search of him. While running from my father-in-law, I mean Mr. Friendly, Erik found Rem locked in another hatch. I think they will both be back next week.
This week, we played the audio recap of the Matthew Fox appearances on Regis & Kelly and The Daily Show. We've got some great feedback on this and I will try to catch theh Lost Cast whenver I can and bring those to the show. I'm just hoping I don't get sued by someone. ;)
Generally Speaking Community Forum
You will notice that our show notes from this point forward will have the Comments Section turned off. Kim, aka Gracie's mom, the newest member of the Official Genenerally Speaking Team, has worked feverishly to get our Generally Speaking Lost Forum up and running! We are just waiting for you to come on in and introduce yourself.
I will be working on getting a fancy new button to link people directly to it, however until then… PLEASE CLICK HERE TO TO JUMP TO OUR NEW LOST FORUM!
Mike dachuk sent us an interesting EMP THEORY that we discussed on the show. The discussion is now continuing online in our forum. We'd love your comments on this theory. Simply CLICK HERE to see the discussion.
We want to thank Trevor from the Scribe Music Show for the great plug he did for us on his podcast. So far, he's had some of the nicest things to say about our show that I've heard to date. Trevor, I listened to your podcast and I love what you are doing there. I hope my listeners will CLICK THIS LINK to check out your show for themselves.

was really let down to hear that her theory about Desmond's Lady Friend being the lady who tried to adopt Claire's baby had been debunked. Click Here to see where this has been discussed on our forum.
We have had a lot of debate in our forum one whether or not Henry Gale is “an other” or not. In fact, we have a listener poll online as well. Please click here to vote and share your thoughts!
Henry Gale Minnesota is an anagram! You can rearrange the letters to spell “See An Other Man Lying!” Finding anagrams is easy with this website.
Molly H wrote that she believes that Danielle is an other. Do you? You can click here to vote in our poll and to discuss your thoughts.
We talked about A VERY LONG THEORY that Edith B. pointed out on our forum. We are not kidding when we say this theory is a long one. The link to the story is found by visiting this post in our forum.
Wayne Henderson from the Tuning In With Wayne Henderson podcast. He is the one who had the great idea of having the alternate endings to Lost on the final season's dvds. He also mentioned our show on his podcast! Thanks Wayne!
I've added a Ways You Can Contribute To Our Show section in our forum. In fact, right now, I'm looking for someone to help me design some new buttons for the side menu of this site.
Andy Aiken made a program called Labyrinth that allows you to track all the connections between characters of the show. Check Out This Image!
The Monster Description Page we discussed from the site. Click on this thumbnail image to see the full size page. If your browser re-sizes images, click on the image again to see the full sized image!

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