Show Notes 03/10/2006 Listener Theory Week!

by Cliff Ravenscraft on March 9, 2006

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For the second week in a row, I got so busy with other things that I forgot to come and finish the show notes. Sorry about that! Thomas Theory Murual Photos below! Racheal did not join us this week, however we were able to get Rem from Canada to join us as a guest host at the last minute. I want to apology for the sound of Stephanie and I's voice this week. I had tried to use an “EFFECT” on our voice to give us a unique sound. Oh yeah.. it was a uniquely ANNOYING SOUND! Next week, just plain voices! I PROMISE!!!!
We had some interesting discussion regarding some of the theories that were called in. And I have updated my THOMAS THEORY which is pretty lengthy, yet it is complete with sound clips to help drive home the support for this rather lengthy theory. This rather long THOMAS THEORY can be found at the end of the show, AFTER THE ENDING CREDITS.

I want to say a Special Thank You to Vicky Sherman, Adam Deem, Helen Hayward, and one person who wishes to remain unamed for the four donations I received this week. Those who contribute using the PayPal button on this site are what makes this show possible on a weekly basis! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

A special thank you to Rem's friend, Lorna Stefanyshyn, for her production assistance in the “On The Island” segment this week!
I want to introduce you guys to Trevor Loboucan, our latest addition to the Generally Speaking Production Team. Trevor will be making his debut on this week's podcast, scheduled for release tomorrow afternoon. Trevor is a friend of Rem's and he will be doing our weekly Top Ten List. I can't wait to see how he uses his creativity to really bring some fresh excitment to our show. Welcome to the team Trevor!
This is a great Poster that Edith Baker put together! Click on this image to see full size!
In my theory, I talk a lot about how the mural in the hatch looks an aweful lot like Thomas' paintings from his apartment. In fact, if you look at the two screen caps I did below, I've pointed out a face that seems to be exactly the same. It's reversed and in Thomas' apartment, we can see that it simply isn't finished with the detailed work, but it is OBVIOUSLY the same artist who did both murals.
Other things to notice is that in the hatch, the mural had several numbers. In a painting in Thomas' apartment, we see a number, 125, on the painting. Look really close at the 5's in both screen caps. They are the exact same “hand/paint” writing? You can click on these two screen caps to see much larger images.
click for larger image
click for larger image

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