Show Notes for Episode: A Long Con

by Cliff Ravenscraft on February 9, 2006

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We actually placed this week's episode up a day early! This week's episode was regarding Lost Season 2, Episode 13 titled “The Long Con.” While it was not “introduced” very well, we did do a trial run of a new segment called the “Under Five Minute Audio Recap.” We also tried using some musical transitions for the first time in our show. After only 9 weeks, our show is really beginning to take shape as we are starting to develop regular segments in our show. I know it was a bit clunky this week, but it will only get better as time goes on. I really appreciate all of our listeners who have stuck through this with us as we are learning how to put together a decent podcast.
The Owl Creek Theory!

To start of our Plot Line Discussions we talked about the book Locke was holding in his han. Click Here for the short story online! To learn more about this theory, check out THIS FUSELAGE THREAD.
Some Folks on the Fuselage seem to think that Cassidy looked a whole lot like Desmond's lady friend in his photo! We were pretty harsh when we talked about how there seems to be no similarity other than they are both smiling and they both have their head tilted. Here I am pasting a copy of the screencap they use on the fuselage along with the screen caps we used to support our theory that Desmond's lady friend is actually the lady who tried to adopt Claire's baby.

Then there was the Manuscript that Hurley was reading. Here are a few links to check out!
The Link where you can purchase the story
Proof that it is from Lindelof and Cuse?
The Fuselage Discussion regarding “Bad Twin”
Other Links we told you that we would put into the show notes…
The Official Lost Podcast Link!
The Bagua Site We Looked Out! (Scroll down to the image at the bottom!)
Dharma Industries Site Official? I don't think so!
If I left any links out… Just leave a comment and I'll make sure to add them here.
Note: In Rem's Hatch Monkey Report… Hey made reference to Stephanie's Father calling for Alex! This is a reference to our January 21st Edition dealing with the Hunting Party. In that episode, we couldn't stop laughing when we realized just how much Zeke sounded like Stephanie's Dad. Click Here For A Movie Clip I put Tother to Prove Our Point!
Special Thanks to Dane for our “What's Up With That Segment,” To Rem for my favorite segment, the “Hatch Monkey Report,” To Eirk for our “Crazy Theory of The Week,” to Dr. Bruder for our “Lost In The News” segement, and finally to Kim, aka Gracie's Mom, for doing great research for our Lost News!
And of course, this should would not be possible without the financial support of those who make donations to our podcast. Here is the list of folks who have made donations using the PayPal Donate Button on our site..

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