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by Cliff Ravenscraft on February 14, 2006

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Hey, yet another early arrival of the Generally Speaking Podcast. Boy I hope I don't get you guys spoiled by me getting these out a day early. I'm sure it won't be possible all the time. However, since this one is ready now, Enjoy!
I feel the audio quality of this show is improved over last week. At the very beginning our mics are a bit over modulated, however this is corrected half way through the show! They are brand new and we are still getting used to them. Thanks for the donations to help us get the gear we are needing!
Feel free to leave your comments and questions regarding this episode here in the comments section below.

Wikipedia Link of Hieroglyphics – Notice the first symbol!

I_Miss_Arzt from the Fuselage posted this screencap!

Welcome Daily Breakfast Listeners!
If you are checking out our Lost Podcast as a result of the plug we got on the Daily Breakfast Podcast from Fr. Roderick, please leave a comment here on this set of show notes, or send me an email at [email protected] to let me know of your visit!
If any of our regular listeners are interested in what my Favorite Podcast podcast is, I will gladly “confess” that it is the Daily Breakfast and the Catholic Insider podcasts with Father Roderick. Fr. Roderick is a Catholic Priest from Holland in the Netherlands. Yes, I am a protestant pastor and I listen to daily podcasts produced by a Catholic Priest! Why? You simply need to listen to to any of his podcasts and you will immediately know why! In the 02/15/2006 Edition of the Daily Breakfast, Fr. Roderick played an audio comment that I sent in. You can download this show by CLICKING HERE. If you are Star Wars, Chronicles of Narnia, or Harry Potter fan, you might be interested in a few other podcasts that Fr. Roderick has produced at the Star Quest Podcasting Network. Thanks Father Roderick for listening to our podcast and telling your listeners about our show!

Kim (aka Gracie's Mom) said that she saw this smily face image and thought that it looked like Cliff, Stephanie, and Racheal!
A Special Thank You!
I want to say a special thank you to those of you who have sent us PayPal donations! This podcast would not exist without the support of our listeners. I've just orderd three headset microphones and we are only $95.00 away from having the money to purchase the mixer that need to be able to plug more than two microphones into. At the rate that your donations are coming in, it looks like we will end our audio level problems within the next two to three weeks. I want to recognize these folks who have contributed financially so far this month.
Carol Daley 02/22/06
John Balkun 02/19/06
Carol Daley 02/18/06
Edith S. Baker 02/14/06
Norma Kermes 02/11/06
Lerroy Brown 02/11/06
Vikki Sherman 02/10/06
Dina Henry Scott 02/04/06

Itunes Reviews!
Would you be willing to help out the Generally Speaking Podcast?
There has been a concerted team effort to give our podcast a bad reveiew in the Itunes Music Store. Just to give you an idea of what I am talking about, if you were to do a search for “Lost Podcast” in Itunes, you would see our podcast and THIS IS WHAT YOU WOULD READ!
I will admit that I allowed the initial excitment of doing this podcast to go to my head and we started off talking a lot about how popular we were going to become. The funny part was that we were totally kidding and we never thought anyone other than ourselves would listen. When we went from 700 and then to 2000 and now over 4000 listeners, we were simply “giddy” and excited that so many folks would download and listen to our show.
If you listen to this week's show and last week's, you will notice that, just like Lost, we have stopped focusing on the “Numbers.” I have also been praying about my “ego” trip that I was on. It was not a very good “Christian” witness to say the least.
The only way to fix our “image” in Itunes is for folks who are “registered” with itunes to leaave us a POSTIVE review. You need to have a credit card registered with a user name and password to do this.
I think anyone, even unregistered users can do this… You can also help by clicking the button “See all ___ reivews” and choosing yes where it says “Was this reveiw helpful” by the postive reviews and choosing no next to the bad reviews. Click Here for our Itunes Review Page. (This only shows for U.S. Itunes users only)
Over 30% of our listeners found us by doing an Itunes Search. I just hate to think that we are loosing potential listeners due to these reviews.
Thanks so much,

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