Podcast Show Notes 1/14/2006 (23rd Psalm)

by Cliff Ravenscraft on January 12, 2006

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As I am editing this post into our official show notes, on Sunday 1/15/2006, it has not yet been 24 hours since I've made this podcast episode available and we already have over 1000 downloads of this show. Simply Amazing!
Before I get into the content of this week's generally speaking show, I wanted to mention that while I think it turned out okay, I don't think this is our best episode. There are a few reasons for this that I would like to share with you.
The first reason is actually a good thing. I've spent a great deal of time working with Dr. Matthew Bruder and Chris Gilmore this past week on our new OPENING THEME and our EXIT THEME.
Long story short. Chris Gilmore sent me an audio comment attached to an email. Just a few hours later, Dr. Bruder sent me the theme song with his voice over as a sample for me to listen to. I played Dr Bruder's music and Chris' voice over samples for “the girls” and they agreed with me that using Chris to announce over Dr. Bruder's music would be a perfect idea. And so while Chris Gilmore and Dr. Bruder have never met, nor ever exchanged an email with each other, the three of us collaborated within just a few short days to get our new theme music done by the production of this podcast episode. Please tell us what you think!
The second reason was that I was not as prepared as I hoped to be for this recording. I had a few sound set-up issues just before we were due to record. So rather than having time to go over the outline of the show with everyone, I was fixing the audio levels of our mics and our sound clip recordings. The result was that we were not all on the same page and we jumped around from topic to topic. This made editing a nightmare (Over Four Hours To Piece it all together). I didn't get to finish my thnking about Mr. Eko being the perfect example of the Christian message of redemption/salvation. Maybe it will come up again. To fix this issue, I've decided that I will set up the sound system for recording early in the morning on Thursdays, so that is ready for recording as soon as I get home. The only problem is that I record using my laptop and I have to take it to work with me. I'll figure out some workaround to make this work.
The third reason is that we just simply recorded too long. If you take reason one, having no outline set in stone before the show started, along with reason two, having no time to go over the little bit of outline you do have before the show, then you get what we got. We actually ended up recording for three hours. Again, this made editing a nightmare. To solve this problem, I'm setting up some “guidelines” for our recording time. 1) We must have an outline 2) We stick STRICKTLY to the current topic we are discussing (If something else comes up, write it down as we talk and bring it up at the end). 3) We limit the amount of time alloted to each topic. 4) We put the over all point we want to make on the topic in writing so we can make sure we get our point accross before moving on.
Well you get the picture. So when you listened to this episode, you heard a few “tones” in the final show. This was done intentionally to let you know that I had spliced that portion of the show together. Had I not put the tones in those places, it would have sounded like we cut each other off mid sentence through those parts.
My goal is to bring you a HIGH QUALITY Lost Edition of the Generally Speaking Podcast on a weekly basis, ready for downlod on Saturday AFternoon (Eastern Standard Time). With the lessons learned from above, please EXPECT an even better episode next week!
On with the show notes!!!!!
We started with a very awesome and new Introduction Theme!
We had a guest host with us this week, Darcy Pach. Although he had never seen an episode of lost before we recorded this show, he left as another Lost Fan. He was hooked by our conversation and said he was going to Walmart on his way home to get the dvds from season 1.
Next, I moved into my RANT about WCPO. To learn more about this read this post titled Stupid Move WCPO. Join the bandwagon and leave some feedback to the WCPO programming team. If you do, mention my name and my podcast ;)
We takled a little bit about what is written on Mr. Eko's “Scripture Stick.”

Mister Eko talking about Aaron:
What did Mr Eko mean by “Moses had great difficulty speaking?” To read the account that we discussed on the show, read about the calling of Moses. It might surprise you to learn about how little faith he had at first. You can find this story by reading Exodus 3 & 4:1-17. This is not as much reading you you might think.
I brought up a note about Aaron being annointed as HIGH PRIEST! You can read about this in Leviticus Chapter 8.
In Hebrews 7:27-28 you can see that we Christians see Jesus as High Priest, one who has been without guilt and yet sacrifices himself to atone for the sins of everyone. Is there a connection here with Aaron being one that will be the “savior” of those on the island, or even the world?
Another Moses and Eko connection was that both of them killed a man in order to save their own people. You can see this in Exodus 2:11-13.
We Moved into our discussion of the SECURITY SYSTEM! We discussed Mr. Eko's had his close encounter with the Monster/Security System/Nanabot thinggy. During the close up, I saw flashes of light with clicking noises which made me think it was just supposed to be showing that these are nanobots and they are communicating with each other. Well that may be. But I did some frame by frame reviews and found out that the flashes were images being shown to Eko. Is this thing reading his mind or feeding him with or reinforcing implanted memories?
Screen Shots!

We got a number of emails and calls regarding Michael Crichton's book titled “Prey.” I've put together one of my screen caps with a portion of this book's cover pasted onto it and I think that is now 100% positive that these are nanobots! Whether you like it or not, I will go so far as to say that the writers of the show have gone on record for saying this is the case. I'm referring to their official Lost Podast where they said that when you get the screen shot of the monster, it will prove many people's theories of what this monster is. I think this is the screenshot that proves it along with the book cover mentiond above. Here's the proof…

Next we moved into our “Charlie is a Liar” segment. We really has some fun with this part. About 54 minutes into show, I break in and explain that I had to edit 3 hours down to a 1 hour show and so I had to cut a lot out. I played our new exit theme. This week, I placed the podcast update after the ending theme. After the podcast updated, I placed a few listener calls that were originally in our
recorded session, but had to be edited out due to time constraints. And finally, I ended with some very funny out takes.
One last time, I want to thank Chris & Matthew for their work on our new theme music. Thanks for your contribution to our show! This really gives us that profession broadcast sound!
I also want to thank Matt & Tara from Auburn, Washington for their donation to our show. This was our second donation toward the “generally speaking podcast” andd it is GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! Each dollar donated goes to help us pay for the cost of bandwidth so that everyone can download this show on a weekly basis. After we start getting enough to pay for the bandwidth each month, we would like to pay for the upgraded voice mail account so that we can leave a personal greeting on it. However, a first priority would be to get an upgraded mixer that will allow more than two mics. Currently “the girls” are sharing a mic. Also, we are constantly looking to improve our show and I already have some great ideas. This new mixer would allow us to do some of those new things. So even a very small donation from some of our greatest fans will help us to accomplish these goals for the show. There is a PayPal donate button in the menu on this page as well as our podcast page.
Thanks for listening to our show! The greatest way to help our show is to please tell “others” about us!
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