Podcast Show Notes for (Fire + Water) 1/29/2006

by Cliff Ravenscraft on January 26, 2006

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It's here… Our January 29th Lost Edition of Generally Speaking. This week we discussed the Episode titled “Fire + Water.” I must say that this was one of my least favorite episodes due to the fact that I am really spurred on by the island centric mystery. However, the show did give some obvious religious themes for us to discuss.
I touched on the idea of “one person being responsible for the salvation of everyone on the island,” the use of dreams to speak to people in the Old Testament, and the obvious Moses reference of the baby in a cradle out in the water. Of course I talked about the controversy that is going on regarding the topic of baptism in the show.
We did talk about a few other things such as “Is Charlie using again?” Why did John keep the statues? What's up with Locke, why was he was such a hypocrite in this episode? Does Hurley know Libby from somewhere? Cliff's PROOF that Libby is an “OTHER.” We also talked about the Mary Kay Moment on the island among a few other things.
Not a great episode for screen captures I'm afriad. Yeah, there was the London Skyline thing, but to be honest with you, it didn't even peek my interest enough to even mention it in the show.
No Lost this week… That's just crazy! However, we WILL BE PODCASTING regardless! Look for our show this coming weekend. Just a note. While I am going to attempt to have this show up by Saturday afternoon each week, that may not be possible every single week. However, I assure you that it will be up and availalbe by the time you get into work on Monday Morning!
We want to send out a special thank you to David Hiltbrand from the Philadelphia Inquirer for the Top Story article of the Entertainment Section titled, “Island of Intrigue.” In it, he references a few things I said in an interview we did and he gave our podcast a pretty huge plug!
If you have found our podcast as a result of this article, please leave a quick comment to let us know! And Welcome to our show!
At the very END of our show, after the CLOSING THEME, I've placed two “extras” at the end for our hard core fans! One is a clip that I had my son and daughter record for Saturday downloaders to let them know why our show was being delayed. It's pretty darn cute, I must say! Then there is a “follow up” to the father-in-law theory. It's basically the same audio file that I made available last week on this site.
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