Productive Weekend

by Cliff Ravenscraft on September 7, 2004

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Our family had a pretty good weekend. Matthew's birthday was Saturday. We took him out to dinner Friday night and we are planning to have his party next weekend. Matthew wanted to go to O'Charley's and so we did.
Saturday afternoon, Stephanie had a Mary Kay Skincare class, so the kids and I went over to the new Cincinnati Mills Mall, which, in my opion, is not much better than the old Forest Fair Mall used to be. Of course I'm not much of a shopper either. They did have a PBS Kids play area that the kids enjoyed playing there for a bit.
Saturday evening, Stephanie took the kids to her mom's for a labor day party while I stayed at home and worked on my sermon that I will be preaching at Fairhaven on Sunday the 26th. After I finish my rough draft, I was thinking I might post it online for comments.
Saturday night, I went out and saw a movie just to have a little alone time. I saw the Stepford Wives. I thought the movie was a little funny, a little cool, and very silly all at the same time. I like any movie that has robots, electronics, or a hint of sci-fi. The movie did have an underlying agenda that feminism is actually good for society. It also portryed stay at home wive's as slaves to an old way of thinking. What this movie lacked in this area was “Balance.” But hey, it was put together in Holywood.
Sunday, we went to Church in the morning, took a nap in the afternoon, and went to the Fireworks during the evening. We decided to actually go down to the river this year. We had a pretty good spot, but paid too much for parking, too much for dinner, and spent too much time in our car trying to get out of Newport. Other than those three complaints, it really was a great night and the kids really enjoyed themselves. That being said, it was totally worth it!
Monday! As if we didn't do enough already, we went to Kings Island for the LAST OPEN DAY for the Summer. It was a perfect day to go yesterday because we were looking for a hot humid day that we could go and swim at the water park. And swim we did! We spent a few hours in the water and it felt great. After leaving the water park, we let the kids ride a few rides. I'm really glad we got our season pass this year. It was really worth while with as many times as we went.
We ended the weekend with dinner at Larosa's and about five extra pounds around my waste. With news about Former President Clinton, I'm not feeling too hot about how much I ate and the quality of the food I choose. I'm not sure what I'm going to do, but one thing I know for sure… If I want to enjoy more weekends like this, I have to do something about my lifestyle and Change is the only answer!

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