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by Cliff Ravenscraft on May 30, 2005

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My last few posts have been rather lengthy. I figured I'd give those who want to, some time to catch up on the last two posts if they wish. Therefore, today, I'm simply going to post four pictures with very brief descriptions to go along with them.

This picture is from Meagan's pre-school graduation party. If I can remember, I want to get a similar picture of her when she graduates highschool and print them side by side each other. (Click on Image for a Larger View)

This is a picture of Meagan with one of her friends from pre-school. I'm so thankful that God blessed our family with the ability to send Meagan to Kid's Academy. She really developed a great deal there! (Click on Image for a Larger View)

This picture is just from yesterday. My family had their family reunion at Big Bone park and Meagan and Matthew spent the whole day playing in the sand. What is it about children that gives them the desire to get as dirty as they can possibly get? They had an awesome time! (Click on Image for a Larger View)

This picture is also from yesterday. After we left my family reunion, we went to my real dad's side of the family's gathering. Pictured below is my Great Aunt Mae who happened to be the guest of honor as we celebrated her NINETIETH BIRTHDAY! She's more of a grandmother to me than a great aunt. Both my grandparent's died before I was born and my great aunt Mae played the role of mother in my father's life. Everyone who knows my Aunt Mae has a very profound respect and admiration for her. This is a truly godly woman! (Click on Image for a Larger View)

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