A Return To Regular Blogging?

by Cliff Ravenscraft on September 17, 2010

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This image, to the left, is a screen capture of one of my earliest blog posts. Anyone recognize that brand name?

Most people who know me online, found about me as the result of my efforts in podcasting. What you may not know is that prior to podcasting, I was a pretty avid blogger.

My earliest blog posts date back to April of 1998, a year before the term “blog” was coined. Back then, I was hand coding and updating static html pages.

In fact, It was the increased traffic and interaction that I received, on posts like this, that made me think that someone might be interested if I were to produce a podcast.

After only a few months of podcasting, I found myself blogging less and less. Of course my adoption of Facebook and Twitter even further distracted me from my blogging efforts.

I'm happy to announce that I am renewing my efforts in blogging. First and foremost, I'm going to be doing my best to increase the quality of the show notes for each of the shows that I produce. This can be difficult at times due to the number of podcasts that I produce on a weekly basis. However, I hope you will notice, and perhaps already have noticed, my efforts in providing more valuable show notes.

With the redesign of the gspn.tv website, I've decided to shut down the separate PursuingABalancedLife.com website. If you go to that address, you'll notice that it actually takes you to the category for the Pursuing A Balanced Life podcast which will certainly continue. The whole reason that I had decided to create a separate page for that podcast was so that i could have an outlet for my personal blogging. I did occasionally post a blog on that site.

Moving forward, a majority of all my blogging efforts will be done here in the gspn.tv Community Blog. Our friend Carole will continue to post the gspn.tv Weekly Round up as well. And I am really hoping that you will see an occasional blog post from Stephanie as well. Who knows, in time, we may even invite a guest blogger from the community to share some valuable insights as well.

What do you think? Are you interested in a blog here on the gspn.tv site? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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