My New Withings Wifi Enabled Digital Scale

by Cliff Ravenscraft on March 17, 2011

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I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am about my new Withings wifi enabled digital scale (Affiliate Link). As many of you know, I've been on a journey of pursuing a more balanced healthy lifestyle for the past year and a half. Since then, I've lost approximately 50 pounds. However, I still have quite a ways to go until I get to my goal weight.

The cold winter months made it difficult for me to enjoy my favorite “Intentional Physical Activity” which is walking outside. Now that Spring weather is here and the birds are singing once again, I've been hitting the pavement once again.

Until now, I'd been using an old analog scale where the needle bounces all over the place and the actually numbers on the scale are not clearly labeled. Instead, you just get a bunch of notches between numbers like the scale pictured here. This would make it hard to actually see exactly which line the needle was pointing to unless you inspected closer. As I would lean forward, the needle would move. I hated my old scale!

I had heard about the Withings wifi scale a long time ago from Leo Laporte. Leo has actually set up a special Twitter account that is automatically updated with his progress toward his goal every time he steps on the scale. That's right, he steps on the scale and a Tweet goes out within seconds. You can also set this to post to Facebook as well. I don't currently have plans to share my weigh ins with Twitter or Facebook, but you never know, I might!

I do, however, have my Withings wifi scale set automatically update my account so that my RunKeeper app on my iPhone is always up to date. This allows the application to provide me with more accurate calorie burn numbers when I'm out for my walking and jogging activities.

I also have the scale automatically update my account. is where I track all my goals related to physical fitness. This is where I do share my weigh in information with those I've added as friends on the service. All I do is step on the scale, and within seconds, the scale sends my information to my Withings account on their servers and that account INSTANTLY updates both my and accounts. The Withings account can actually sync this data most all of online physical fitness and calorie tracking sites out there.

I knew that I wanted a digital scale. I wanted a scale that would easily be set to “0” without me trying to fumble around with a hand turned dial every morning. I wanted a scale that would show my weight down to the 10th of a pound.

Previously, if the needle on my old scale pointed to the middle of what “looked like” the “notches” that represented 224 and 225 pounds, I would simply track my weight for that day as 225. However, with my Withings scale, if I weighed in last week at 225.1 and I weigh in today at 224.6, then I can CELEBRATE that I had lost a HALF A POUND! On my analog scale, I would have been bummed to see that I had made no progress, still weighing in at 225 pounds.

The cool things is that the Withings wifi scale also tracks your BMI as well as your body's fat mass and lean mass weight. Let me explain why I am so excited by this.

Yesterday, I walked/jogged a total of six miles and made excellent choices regarding the foods that I had and ended the day with a pretty decent calorie deficit. When I got on the scale this morning, I was hoping that I would see that I may have dropped as much as one or two tenths of a pound. However, I had gone from 222.2 pounds up to 222.3 pounds. I had gained a total of one tenth of a pound.

Though I so excited when I opened up my Withings iPhone Application (which is free by the way) to find that I had gone from 67.2 pounds of fat down to 65.5 pounds of fat. This means that I LOST 1.7 pounds of fat and my lean body mass increased by 1.8 pounds, netting an overall weight gain of one tenth of a pound. Do you see how having this additional information can be motivational?

I love my new scale. If you are interested in purchasing a Withings Wifi Enabled Scale, you can click on any of the highlighted links where the name of the scale is mentioned. These are affiliate links to the scale on Amazon and will earn a small commission from each person who uses any of these links to purchase.

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