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We have affiliate accounts set up with many popular online retailers. What this means is that if you were to click on any of the following links & logos, anything you purchase from those sites will count toward sales referred by While you pay the same price that you would have anyway, a percentage goes to as a referral commission. Please consider clicking through these links & logos when ordering online with any of these online companies.

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Amazon seems to be the one stop shop for all your online shopping needs. At Amazon, you can purchase books (Buy Christian books from our sponsor,, first), dvds, cd's, games, computers, electronics, toys, apparel, shoes, jewelry, and so much more. Simply click the amazon logo and will earn a commission from your purchase while you still pay the same price.

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Kall 8 Toll-Free & Voice Mail Services
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Kall8 is an excellent voicemail feedback line for podcasters. Free voicemail is included with each toll-free number. Voicemails can be delivered directly to your inbox if you desire. Also, you can simply have the toll-free number forward to any phone you like. Check them out! My full review of podcast voicemail options can be found at

Adobe Audition 3.0There is no better software for podcast audio editing than Adobe 3.0. Of course there are a lot of audio editing software tools available for free. However, because of my use of the built in feature of the unique Hard Limiting abilities of Audition, I've been able to save hours each week in audio post production.