Help iGot a Mac - Ep. 42 -

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  • Frank Gillespie from Raleigh NC
Here’s my first question for Help iGot A Mac; I have all my music CDc loaded on a Macbook and I am wondering how do I get 16gigs of music and podcasts over to my iMac? Oh, I don’t have a iPod and I’m trying to avoid getting one.

You need to get a Firewire cable.  Hook both macs together.  Now, take the Macbook and reboot it... as soon as it resets hold down the "T" key.  This will put the MacBook in target disk mode.  On your iMac you will see an Icon of a Firewire HD -- this is your Macbook's HD on your iMac -- navigate to your iTunes folder (this will be in the "Macintosh HD/Users/USERNAME/Music/
iTunes" area...

Just grab the contents of it and put it in your iMacs HD in the same location... and that should do it.

REMEMBER to drag the Firewire/Macbook HD in your trash to eject it before turning off your Macbook.  

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  • Sabrina A. From Germany wrote in...
      • Hello Cliff,

        this is the first time I write to you however I'm listening to many of your podcasts for quite some time.

        I just listened to the latest 'Help I got a Mac' episode and heard about your problem about watching a movie fullscreen on your display. I use my macbook as a desktop (almost the same way as you described) and this is how you are able to make Quicktime full screen while on a secondary display:

        • Hook up external display
      • Launch Quicktime and open the preferences section
      • In the “Full Screen” tab simply drag the Quicktime logo to the screen you want to be able to do full screen.