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Full Review of Season 4, Episode 12 Titled "There's No Place Like Home"

FAITH WROTE from gspn.tv Forum....
So, I just finished reading Ryan's review over at The Transmission, and he brought up some great questions. It got me thinking about some of my own. Don't get me wrong, I loved this episode. I'm on pins and needles for the second part of the finale, but there were still some things that irked me.

--Exactly why is Kate this amazing tracker? I know Sayid was an interrogator in the military, but you'd think his tracking skills would be pretty decent.

--Why are the Others back in the rags? All the survivors know they lived in a civilized society, no need to play dress up anymore!

--What is up with the publicity shot of the Oceanic 6 washing up on shore? Why would some person take a picture of these people as they arrived in a raft? "Hey, look honey, people on a raft! Maybe I should get a shot for the scrapbook." Please.

--What's up with Sun not showing at Hurley's birthday or Christian's funeral? I know she's pregnant, but she wasn't that far along when they were rescued.

--If I ever saw that many explosives in one room, I would get as far away as possible. If I were a husband who swore to protect my wife and baby, getting as far away as possible would involve leaving the freighter, not just telling my wife to leave the room.

--Exactly how much money did Oceanic Airlines give the survivors? Did Kate get more since she has Aaron?

--Does Jin have Rosetta Stone tapes stashed away on the island? His grasp of the English language is unreasonably fast. I understand that he would pick up some words, but Michael said more than a mouthful when he was just trying to explain himself.

--Lastly, Christian obviously thinks Locke is an extremely resourceful person because if you tell someone to move an island, shouldn't you tell them how to do it as well? I'm sure Locke would rather have done it himself than depend on Ben.

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Could it be that the move will create duplicates of the island and everything and everybody on it. As we have seen in the Ochid video there's a big panic breaking out when the two rabbits show up in the same room.

Could this mean that it's dangerous for Jack and the others to go back to the island because they might end up meeting the "copies" themselves?

Could the duplication create a split experience of reality?

Maybe you see strange things and feel like you're half a person?

JustSue from gspn.tv forum wrote...
Is it possible that it was underwhelming because you missed some things?  Like I thought it was exciting to finally see the Others after waiting all season.  Given how they were all armed, I figure they're on their way to have a showdown with Keamy's little group (which I would also find exciting).

I thought it was jaw-dropping when Sun took over her father's company.  As Faith pointed out in another thread, this is the same company that has been doing business with Widmore.  What this could mean to the storyline is pretty huge.  If there is a Widmore Alliance, Sun just took control of the Asian branch.  Did she do it just for spite, or is she now a power player in this war game?  Was Ben involved in what she did?

I also thought the room full of explosives was a pretty big reveal.  Why did Keamy arrange to have the freighter blown up by remote?  I thought he was just plotting to torch the island, not the ship.  Was he not planning to come back to it?  I guess Widmore doesn't want the crew to live to tell anyone where the island was.  Funny that Ben a similar plan using Michael.

Another smaller reveal:  Daniel knew about the secondary protocol, while Charlotte had no idea what was happening.  Yet he didn't seem to know about the explosives on the freighter.

In addition to the key plot points there were the emotional scenes with the reunions and Claire's mother.  That wasn't so much a jaw-dropper (aside from her being conscious) as it was poignant.  Poor thing had no idea she was admiring her own grandchild.

If you think about it, this episode had everything but the smoke monster.  It had the obligatory (and wonderfully brief) Jack/Kate/Sawyer scene, a little Jin/Sun moment, Richard Alpert back in his rags, Hurley bringing comic relief, Ben smirking while literally under the gun, and Rose still trying to make sense of things.

Since this is part one, I guess we can compare it to part one of Season One's "Exodus," which was also three hours.  That one ended with the guys getting on the raft while the other group went to the Black Rock.  There was some touching moments and everything was set in motion but the major events were still to come.


Aaron Picked his Nose and Ate It
I pray to God I’m the first one who noticed this, because I really want credit for it! Right after the Oceanic chick says “see you on the ground”, she walks away (in high heels on a grated floor?) That’s when Aaron surreptitiously makes his move. It’s lightning-fast too, you’ve got to be quick or you’ll miss it. So go back and watch carefully – somewhere within that one scene is the key to unlocking the entire plot of the show.

Geronimo Jackson Album at Hurley's Party!

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Wayne Henderson: NEW LOGO?
Hi Cliff.  I've attached a low-res screen cap (taken with iPhone) of the logo shot at the end of the trailer for the upcoming episode of LOST.

I'm not sure if I'm seeing things or not, but it looks like more things have been added to this logo shot than what we've been seing all season long.  This week, the black bars cut off the upside down reflection of the city underneath the island.  But look above the island.  A few things are new (at least to me).  I'm now not sure whether it is a middle-eastern looking building, or maybe just a superimposed sun.  Let me know what you think Cliff.


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What does Daniel Know about the Orchid?

StayinLost on the fuselage wrote: Since Faraday knew of the secondary protocal, Im sure he also knew of the Orchid station and all it contains. So, it isnt that he had been to the station before, but knows what they are looking for by going there, and what will happen once whatever it is, is found.

Passing The Baton

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