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by Cliff Ravenscraft on June 3, 2007

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It's been seven days since I've last released a podcast. As much as I truly love podcasting, I've really enjoyed this past week where I've been able to six back and enjoy my family and reflect on the past year and a half of podcasting.
Our family insurance agency just officially made the move to our new location. We had been in the same shopping strip in Northern Kentucky for just over 18 years. As much as I hated that old location, it's still so hard for someone with my personality to just up and move to something new without feeling like something is just “missing” or “different.” However, I simply have to remind myself of the gas station behind our office where weekly gas deliveries caused us to be lightheaded from the gas fumes. I'll remember the hair/nail salon that was just on the other side of the wall to my office where I could smell the perm of the day and the fumes of the nail polish remover that had been poured down into the sink that shared the same drain that our bathroom has. And we'll never forget the food catering business on the other side of the office that had three recurring unpleasant smells that often overpowered us. Let's see, there was the bi-monthly call to the gas and electric company about the smell of strong natural gas whenever the pilot light blew out on their outdated, under-maintained gas stove/oven. There was the Monday morning smell of the rotten dish water where the catering crew simply left the dishes to stew in their sink over the weekend. And there was always the constant smell of burnt pig flesh when pigs where being rosted next door.
Our agency purchased a ranch style home, nearly two years ago, just a half mile down the road. It was a model home for a local builder. The builder actually paid us rent for several months before they moved on to their new model home complex. For the past six months, we've been working on renovating this home to be suitable for our new office location. Being the only person who knows anything about technology in our office, I was very much responsible for the contracting of the data and phone wiring and installation. I also coordinated the communication to our clients about the move through a post card campaign. If you consider all that with the fact that I had been producing a a minimum of three podcasts per week for the past few months, you can understand why I really enjoyed this past week off.
One thing this week has done was give me a bit of time to reflect. I've been reflecting on my relationship with God, with my wife, with my children, and with everyone else. As you might imagine, just being busy can really get your priorities out of whack. I found myself involved in so much and without taking proper stock in what each task was really accomplishing.
I come out of this past week of reflection feeling that I need to simplify my life quite a bit. I need to clarify what is important to me and really think about what my purpose in life is and what I hope to accomplish in the various areas of my life. I need to then take a look at all the things that I'm involved in and decide if these things support or distract me from accomplishing what I feel is my calling in each area of my life.
In just a few weeks, I'll be going on a great week long get away with my lovely wife. I'm hoping to have some of these things thought through so that we can discuss these things and really make sure that we are working from the same set of blueprints for our family and our lives.
My health has also been on my mind. I set a goal at the beginning of the year to loose 100 pounds. I started off well and lost about 10 pounds in the first sixty days. I don't think I've checked my weight since then. As far as walking, I had a setback a few months ago when I started to have issues once again with my hips. These issues got me out of my routine and I allowed my business to dictate my time and priorities and well, honestly, I kinda fell of that horse and haven't been back on it since.
I'm more certain than ever that I need to get back up on this horse. I'm very excited to announce that our new office location had an unfinished basement when we purchased it. My parents had the basement finished and installed some fitness club quality work out equipment down there. We have a very, very, nice elliptical machine, two very hight quality treadmills, and a total weight gym setup with dvd and poster instructions on how to use it. I'm looking forward to ending each work day with a 30 to 40 minute workout.
While I will be back to podcasting starting this week, I'm going to take it slowly until I can really sit down and put this “life plan” together. I just feel that I've been so busy LIVING that I've just not taken the time to enjoy LIFE! I'm so thankful for those of you who have emailed me asking me how I've been doing on my journey to live a healthier lifestyle. I wish I could report back to you that I've made some major headway. Unfortunately, I've been a terrible example to follow and I hope to change that. Please continue to pray for me in this area and continue to hold me accountable by asking those questions!
I'll certainly keep you all well posted on all this and more in the “My Crazy Life” podcast.
Cliff J. Ravenscraft

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