Stephanie In Recovery

by Cliff Ravenscraft on June 22, 2005

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Stephanie had a tubal ligation surgery yesterday. The doctor said the procedure went extremely well and that after about 48 hours, Stephanie should be back to her normal routine. I took the day off work yesterday to take care of Stephanie and the children.
After the surgery, Stephanie was had a bit of discomfort, but the pain medicine that was prescribed brought it down to a minor nuisance. She spent the day laying back in bed and sleeping off the anesthetic. By evening, she was feeling much better and was able to eat the meal the I had made for her.
This morning, Stephanie was in a little pain, but that's because she decided not to take the pain medicine through the night. She did take it when she woke and by the time I left the house this moring, she was already feeling much better. She said she felt like she would be able to take care of the children today. This afternoon, her step-mom, Lori, is taking a half day off to help out by driving Stephanie to Meagan's Kindergarten pre-certification. That is such a great help.
I must pat myself on the back, I took care of all three kids yesterday and they all made it to the end of the day alive. Stephanie could not breast feed McKenna while the anesthetic was in her body, so she has had to pump and dump. This gave me the opportunity to feed McKenna for the very first time. It was AWESOME! I loved it. Since this was a narrow window of opportunity, before Stephanie would resume breast feeding, I allowed Matthew and Meagan to each have a chance to feed their little sister also. Here are some pictures…

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