Just this past week, I released episode number 396 of the My Crazy Life Podcast. In it, I made the announcement that after 400 episodes of “My Crazy Life,” I've made a decision to re-brand this podcast. Renaming a show that you have been producing for more than three years is not a decision you make over night. Those who have been subscribed from the very beginning know that I've been struggling with the desire to re-brand this podcast for a very long time. Now, more than ever, I'm certain that this is the right decision.

I started the My Crazy Life podcast, on March 16th, 2006, with the intent on it being a very general podcast. As time went on, several shows had been launched as the result of topics and/or formats originally introduced in the My Crazy Life Podcast. Examples of this would be the Podcast Answer Man Podcast, the Help I Got A Mac Podcast, the Almost Daily Devotional Podcast, the Stephanie Unplugged Podcast, the Family From The Heart Podcast, the Community Voice Podcast, as well as many others.

I have found, through experience, that podcasts seem to gain more traction when they are focused at a niche topic and/or a target audience. In fact, in every case where I dedicated a podcast focused solely to a niche topic that I had been covering for a while within the My Crazy Life Podcast, the number of subscribers for that newly launched podcast would double or triple the number of subscribers to the My Crazy Life Podcast within just a few months.

A while back, it became clear to me that the main emphasis of the My Crazy Life Podcast was to share my journey in the pursuit of a more balanced life. Over the past two years, I've been using My Crazy Life to chronicle all the things that I'm thinking through as it relates to trying to be the best husband and father I can be, while at the same time, focusing the right amount of time and energy on what it takes to provide for my family through my work/career. In the show, I would share my struggle with focusing on one area of my life only to throw off the delicate balance of all the other areas of life.

Those who have been listening to the My Crazy Life Podcast have shared with me that they have found a great deal of educational value, encouragement, and even inspiration from the My Crazy Life Podcast and the podcasts that had been launched from it. I never imagined that, what I had considered to my little daily journal podcast, would have such a profound impact on the lives of so many of it's listeners. To give you an idea of the type of feedback I've received, have a listen to these audio clips from a few of those who have benefited so much that they have become premium subscribers to our content.

Jenny from Rochester New York:

Christine from New York, NY

Richi from Germany

Anne from Germany

The My Crazy Life podcast is no longer a “general” podcast with me discussing random interests. Instead it has become a podcast that is focused on my journey in the pursuit of a balanced life. It is time to give the show a name that is more descriptive of the content. That new name is “Pursuing A Balanced Life.” As a part of the re-branding, I've decided to combine this show with my personal blog (formerly It it just make sense that my personal blog would reflect one of my greater purposes in life, to share my life online as I pursue a balanced life.

As most of you know, creating podcast content is my full-time career. The Pursuing A Balanced Life Podcast will continue to be a premium content show offered to Plus Members. I plan to keep the blog open and accessible to everyone, with an occasional episode of the audio podcast playable from the website, whereas Plus Members will be able to subscribe to every episode using iTunes or the podcatching software of their choice.

The new name clearly identifies the content that has has become the focus of this podcast. More importantly, I believe more people will consider a show titled “Pursuing A Balanced Life” more applicable to them than a show called “My Crazy Life.”

With that, I want to thank each of you who have encourage me and inspired me over the past few years. I'm looking forward to the continuation of my sharing what I'm learning in the pursuit of a more balanced life.