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by Cliff Ravenscraft on January 31, 2006

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I am very sad to announce that The Transmission Podcast with Ryan and Jenn has just come to an end. There are 10's of thousands of listeners who will be dealing with a bit of shock and grief as they learn about this development.
Over the past few months, I've develped a pretty good friendship with Ryan Ozawa. I must say that he has been a great inspiration for me in my podcasting venture. Ryan's help was crutial for the start of the “generally speaking” podcast. He helped us to find the libsyn hosting service, he plugged our show on The Transmission on more than one occasion and he and Jenn even allowed me to interview them via Skype which can be found at the very end of our January 7th Episode.
Here's a comment that I posted to their blog…

Ryan and Jenn,
On behalf of Racheal, my wife Stephanie, and myself, I can't tell you how much we admire you guys. You guys have pioneered the Lost Podcasting movement that is helping literally 10's of thousands of Lost Fans around the world to “get Lost!”
In fact, it was clearly The Transmission that encouraged us to start the “generally speaking” podcast. And without the plugs you gave us on your show, we would not have a majoirty of the listeners that we have today.
I've listened to EVERY SINGLE episode of the Tranmission and some of them more than once! To say that you are going to be missed is quite the understatement! I almost feel as though we're loosing a family member!
Rest assured, if you guys ever decide to come back to Lost Podcasting at ANY POINT in the future, I will certainly tell all our listeners to jump back on board with you.
I also want to thank you for starting the LOST PODCASTING NETWORK and inviting me into this wonderful family atmostphere that you fostered! You guys have an open invitation to our show at all times!
I personally know that it takes approximately 5 to 10 hours every week to really pull off a quality Lost Podcast. I have been inspired by you in a number of ways and I am grateful for your time and effort that you investing into improving my personal time!
Words can't say enough! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

I'm almost certain tht Ryan and Jenn will show up from time to time on our show, either via Skype, via voice comments, or via email! In fact, in their fairwell message, they mentioned that they will be more involved now in posting in the Lost Forums! We'll have to keep our eye out for Ryan and Jenn sightings! :)
Ryan & Jenn! We love you guys! We thank you for all you have done for all of us!
UPDATE: So many folks are writing me emails asking if this puts any more pressure on us at “generally speaking.” Here's a response that I recently gave to another listener…
Well, I do know that they had approximately 14,000 listeners weekly! 3,000 of which also listen to our show. I assume that the other 11,000 listeners will looking for a new Lost Podcast.
In their farewell message, Ryan and Jenn said to check out the Lost Podcasting Network, which we are very much a part of. I'm sure that those of their listeners who don't already listen to our show will test the waters of the other podcasts. I'm thinking that a few of their listeners who were drawn to their husband/wife and female perspectives on Lost will gravitate toward our show!
I'd be flat out lying if I didn't admit that I'm excited about what this will mean to our numbers. But I am truly sad to loose the Transmission! I really enjoyed listening to it on a weekly basis and being that it was available just before we recorded our show, it was a great chance for me to help formulate some of my thoughts.
There is no doubt that the number of our subscribers to our show will increase as a result. For that I am thankful. However, it comes at the very heavy cost of loosing my favorite Lost Podast. For that, I'm just as sad as the rest of their listeners.

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