How Do We Produce So Many Shows?

by Cliff Ravenscraft on October 2, 2010

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Over the past year, we have increased the number of episodes that we produce each week for the Generally Speaking Production Network. From January of this year through October 1st, we have already produced 419 individual podcast episodes.

Of course, our desire is that every single episode we produce is of the highest audio quality possible and that the content is always Entertaining, Educational, Encouraging, and Inspirational. I would personally say that approximately 400 of the 419 episodes produced this year would meet that criteria.

Yes, there are some episodes that we have produced where I feel we would have been better off had we not released them at all. I'm thinking of one particular interview that totally bombed and a handful of tv show fan podcasts that we had recorded from our couch instead of the studio.

Our Live show Thursdays have been an amazing success. Each Thursday, our chat room averages between 25 to 65 people in the chat room at any given point during our live shows with a total average of about 1,500 individuals joining the community chat each week. This is AWESOME and I thank each and every one of you who make this community what it is! This is not to belittle the contributions of those who are not able to join us live on Thursdays. Your voice mails, comments on the show notes, emails, interaction in the community forum, etc. are just as high up on my list of things I'm excited about.

Many people ask me how I am able to produce so many shows in a single day, every week, and keep the quality of the content as consistent as we do. I will tell you that a great deal of this is due to the co-hosts that I have chosen for the various shows that we produce.

Stephanie brings a lot to the table with the various stories and insights that she shares on each of shows that she is a part of.

On Help I Got A Mac, Chris Beiting comes to the show with all he's learned by following his favorite Apple related news sites. Not to mention that Chris is a wonderful resource to answer almost every question that is called in by both new and somewhat experienced Mac users. For those who may not know this, Chris is not just an average Apple Fan Boy, but he's also a former Apple Store Mac Genius.

Erik Fisher is paid by his full-time employer to stay on top of the latest happenings in the world of Social Media and he always has some great stories to share about Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other various social networking sites. Listeners of the Social Media Serenity Podcast benefit from Erik's research.

Andy Traub is extremely passionate about technology tools that help businesses and spends a great portion of every week researching these topics as a part of his full-time career in helping businesses in this area. Each week, he shares his newest technology findings in the Business Tech Weekly Podcast.

Father Roderick and I are both passionate about our journey of living a healthy, balanced life and our friendship and desire to encourage one another each week is what make the Biggest Loser Podcast so appealing to those who don't even watch the show.

The Virtual Assistnat Podcast is a fun show to produce because I get to share my own personal journey in having a Virtual Assistant, which has totally transformed my business. In fact, each week, all these podcasts are posted by Andrea, my assistant. The best part is that if I run out of things to talk about on this show, I often delegate the task of coming up with topics for this podcast to her. She also arranges for a majority of the interviews that I do on the show.

There is one podcast that I produce that I doubt I'll ever run out of things to talk about. The Podcast Answer Man Podcast holds a special place in my heart as podcasting is one of my greatest passions in life. I eat, breathe, drink, and sleep in the world of Podcasting and have done so for the past five years.

So when people ask me how I keep the content quality at such a high level when producing so many shows every week, I could sum up all of the above with a single word, “PASSION!” I make sure that every show is packed full of passion and zeal for the topic being discussed. Passion is what drives us to spend our days and weeks staying on top of the topics for which we podcast about. When there is sufficient passion, there is never a lack of things to discuss.

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