Thoughts From The Journey – Colorado, Here I Come!

by Stephanie Ravenscraft on February 3, 2012

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As I sit on the plane heading to Chicago I can't believe I'm on this journey. Or rather that this adventure is part of my journey.

I first learned about the Captivating Retreat several months ago in an email from Ransomed Heart Ministries. I'd never heard of such a thing before. I remember reading the email thinking “That's Amazing, I would love to do that.”. But I never believed it would be possible. The cost, the time away, I just didn't think it was possible.

Through an unexpected spontaneous moment at my kitchen table, my husband offered to send me and my best friend, Sarah. I was Shocked!! Again, I never believed it was possible and now I'm given the chance to share it with Sarah.

A few weeks into planning Sarah realized due to scheduling she would not be able to attend. I struggled with whether I should still go. Could I do this alone? Did
I want to? Through much prayer it became clear that this adventure was meant for me to do alone.

So I sit on this plane missing Sarah, and thinking how this all began. I like so many had lost myself in the hustle of the everyday. The things I love most being wife, mom, friend and business partner had become tasks to get done with my lost focus. I had become a hollow version of myself. Tied together with a smile but coming undone, to steal lyrics from Taylor Swift.

In November God started a work in me that has been leading to this weekend. Breaking me down, exposing my sins and confessing to those who hold me accountable. Taking apart the puzzle that is Stephanie and putting me back together piece by piece. Rearranging the pieces in the correct order make me a beautiful masterpiece for Him.

All leading up to this moment, on this plane, on this adventure to find all that my
God has in store for me.

I have so many emotions right now, excitement, terror, joy, anxiety all at the same time. But as I get closer to Colorado I'm more and more excited to spend this weekend with my Savior, learning more about both of us.

I truly can not wait to share what comes from this adventure with all of you.

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