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by Cliff Ravenscraft on April 5, 2005

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Over the past few weeks, I've had people come up to me and ask… “How are the kids?” I'm thinking that they are just asking in general, but sill me, I forgot that I expressed my deep concerns online regarding Meagan's bones and Matthew's teeth. I've been giving each person who asks an update and I thought it would be wise to give an update here as well, for those of you who have not yet had the opportunity to ask.
This past Wednesday Morning, Stephanie and I took Meagan to see her doctor. Dr. Janning listened patiently while I explained to him about the popping noise in her neck and how Meagan consistently rolls her foot as to pop the bones in her ankle. He then did a careful examition of her neck and ankles. He asked both Meagan and I several questions.
During the examination, the three things that he said that we should be looking for are persistant pain, loss of range of motion in the joint, or swelling. None of these issues exist for Meagan. In fact, the only time she's ever complained of pain, she's been so tired to the point of not knowing what to do with herself and I believe she was more annoyed by the popping than feeling pain from it.
As Dr. Janning turned her ankles and head up, down, left, right, and all around, I was amazed at just how much range of motion that Meagan has. Overall, he said that everything appears to be fine with her. He said regarding the popping noise in the neck, he said that it's not uncommon for some children to have this. He said we could do all sorts of tests on her, however, he's certain that they would just to be to look at as they would not do anything for her in this area unless there was pain, swelling, or a loss of range of motion.
After we left the doctor's office, I felt at peace about the whole situation. I do recall asking if she would grow out of it. He said it was likely that she would simply grow into it. For her, her necking popping will simply be normal. I feel like that it causes me more pain that it does Meagan. Dr. Janning did say that when children like this get older, they tend to start make these popping noises with their neck on purpose. Even I recall doing this when I was younger, but I never had it to where it happened on a regularly basis.
Stephanie and I are keeping our eye on Meagan. I'm praying for God's discernement and if I ever suspect it needs to be looked at further, I will schedule an appointment with a bone specialist.
Matthew has an appointment with a new dentist coming up soon. I'm praying that this new dentist will say that Matthew can have his teeth worked on in the office and that it will go by as quick and painless as possible for him. I've definately going to take that day off work to be with him. I will keep you all posted on the turn out.
Yes, McKenna will be here before I know it. I know that Stephanie and I agree that our due date is April 6th, which is tomorrow. The doctors agreed with us until our first ultrasound, which is when they pushed it back nearly 20 days to the 24th. Those of you who have seen Stephanie walking around have mentioned that you can tell that McKenna has dropped quite a bit. Last Wednesday, she was dialated 1 centemeter and things were beginning to progress. It's been nearly a week and we are anxious to see what the doctor will say today when she goes in.
Please continue to pray for Stephanie during these last few weeks, days, or hours. I appreciate everyone who reads these posts. I often assume that since people don't leave comments any longer, that nobody takes the time to read my long posts. However, these past few weeks, I've notice that by your questions, you are reading them.
Thanks so much for all your prayers!

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