Video Ipod: Not on my wishlist yet!

by Cliff Ravenscraft on October 14, 2005

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Okay, so I've never been a huge fan of the “ipod.” Why? Well, why should I get excited about a device that plays music only? I have a pocket pc which I use as a contact manager, a calendar, and task manager. My pocket PC has “many” other uses as well, one of which is that it also plays music files. If you hook up your ipod to my sterio or a decent set of headphones, the music doesn't sound any better than when it comes from my pocket pc. So why bother carrying around another device in my pockets that are already overloaded?
Things are changing though. Apple's release of the Video Ipod “could” win me over. What's weird is that my Pocket PC has the ability to play movies and videos as well. So why is the new video Ipod appealing? While digital music has generally been made available in a uniform standard file known as the mp3, digital video content does not have any such standard. Sure there are other digital audio formats out there, but mp3 has the bull share of the market.
I know that most of my friends are not tech geeks like I am and so if I were to start talking about divX, bit torrent, and codecs, I would loose nearly 95% of the readers to my blog. So for those 5% of you who are interested, I will simply refer you to this story about why I agree that the video Ipod may just be what the doctor ordered to make h.264 the new standard for digital video.
Here's the story: The Clicker: Apple's real plan for iPod video?
If what this article says, comes true, and I can sync my calendar and contacts into the ipod and the next generation video ipod has the ability to input into new contact info and appointments into the system as well as the abilltiy to record directly into the ipod, then I may just be interested in owning one.
But heck, by that time, there may just be a handy way of playing h.264 files on my pocketPC. The verdic? The video ipod is not on my wishlist just yet…. And it may never be. But then again… Who Knows?

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