VLOG 035 – Going Landscape On Snapchat – Sunday, February 28th, 2016

by Cliff Ravenscraft on February 28, 2016

in The CliffEOTC VLOG

The following topics are covered in today's vlog.
– Trying out landscape video mode on Snapchat.
– Am I concerned that people wouldn't follow me on Snapchat if I am posting my content on YouTube.
– I'm more concerned that people are consuming the content, where they get it isn't as important.
– If I'm not archiving the content that I'm creating, then I don't have the same desire to create it.
– Why I want to archive it.
– I believe that there are still incentives for following me on Snapchat.
– Folks have the ability to directly interact with me through Snapchat.
– Tried eating Raising Cane's for lunch.
– Our pantry looks like a GNC store.
– My Rhode SmartLav mic isn't that great.
– I ordered a Rhode SmartLav+ http://PodcastAnswerMan.com/smartlavplus
– A walk through the neighborhood.
– A familiar looking front door.
– The house that podcasting built.
– Solved the random upside-down snaps in landscape mode on Snapchat.
– I like the landscape video mode on Snapchat. I”m going to continue.
– Cardio workout.
– Strength Training – Back and Biceps.

You can follow me on SnapChat. My username is cliffeotc. If you are on your mobile device, you can click here to add me as a friend.

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