What Am I Listening To?

by Cliff Ravenscraft on July 20, 2009

in The Old Pursing A Balanced Life Podcast

Tonight, as I walked out the door to go for a walk, I sent out a status update saying… “Heading out the door for an evening walk. Loaded up with a few of my favorite podcasts to listen to. #PABL.”

Within minutes of my walk, I started to receive notices of facebook comments and twitter replies asking what podcasts are among my favorites. Since it would require more than 140 characters to answer this question, I figured, why not put together a short blog post to tell you the podcasts that I consume most often.

Oh, Where Shall I Begin?
The Daily Breakfast
Dan Miller's 48 Days
This Week In Tech
Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast
Bagel Tech News
MacBreak Weekly
Healthy Catholic
Fitness Rocks
Jillian Michaels
The Nutrition Diva
[email protected]
North Point Ministries – Andy Stanley
The Catholics Next Door
Managing The Gray
Command N
Culinary Media Network
The Dave Ramsey Show
Family Life Today
Insight For Living – Chuck Swindoll
Watermark Community Church
Renewing Your Mind – R.C. Sproul
Father Bob McGuire
Praxis Podcast

And yes, I even listen to some of our own content.
Full Time Mom
Family From The Heart
Pursuing A Balanced Life
Social Media Serenity
Podcast Answer Man
And other gspn.tv shows

This is not an exhaustive list of the podcasts that I'm subscribed to. However, these are the shows that are released consistently and that I consume most often.

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