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by Cliff Ravenscraft on December 5, 2005

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This past episode titled “What Kate Did” was an awesome episode. I was so afraid that they were not going to show the new section of the orientation film, but at the very last minute, they did play it for us and then they did the unexpected, they gave us a decent cliffhanger to carry us over for the six weeks we have without a new lost episode. Here's my thoughts and insights from this episode…
The episode quickly introduces a black horse on the island that causes Kate to flash back into her past. We see that what Kate did was that she murdered her “biological” father by allowing gas to fill the home, waiting for him to retun home, drunk as usual, and then leaving the house just in time to miss the huge explosion. There's no question of whether or not she did it. She went to her mother and gave her an insurance policy she took out on the home for her and pretty much said she took care of him. So yes, Kate did kill her father. But the reason why was not fully answered…
Next we see Kate caring for Sawyer in the hatch and out of nowhere, he grabs her and asks “Why did you kill me?” Kate believes that he was possessed by her dead father and has a look of horror on her face. We come back from the commercial to find that Kate has left the hatch without concern for entering the “numbers” and the clock actually goes right down to 000:00 but as Locke hits the “execute” button, the clock does reset itself to 108:00.
Did they reset the clock in time? Or is someone contacting their hatch computer as a result of the numbers not being entered in time? There is a small amount of debate out there about this. Most people believe he got the numbers entered in time. More of me believes that they did get them in on time, but I would like to leave this open to future episodes to reveal.
Next, we see Charlie walking in the Jungle with Kate. While they were walking, Charlie said something interesting. He was talking about Kate missing Shannon's funeral. He said… “Oh, right. A few of them came — the new people. Not her — the one who killed Shannon — that would have been a bit awkward. They seem to have had a rough time of it. It looks like they went bloody Lord of the Flies out there.” Here we have yet another reference to a story that may have been influential to the story of what's happening on the island. This goes hand in hand with my post titled Kathy's Theory On Lost.

After another another quick flashback showing Kate get arrested at the train station, we are taken back to the hatch. Jin finally get's the handcuff's cut off and he says “thank you” with pretty decent English. He shows Michael that he's free on the way out and we see Michael investigating something closely. He calls Locke to come over to take a look and asks… “What are the blast doors for?” What a great question. What are these blast doors for?
My theory is that these blast doors are set to drop down in the event that the numbers are not entered in time. I believe that they are an attempt to protect the computer data center so that in the event that something did occur, this valuable data would not be lost. Someone on the official Lost Forum wrote this…

Perhaps the Arrow Hatch that the tailees where camped out in seemed so much smaller and they didn't find a computer in there because it's blast doors had closed off the rest of the arrow hatch. Maybe the “incident” happened to Dr. Candle at the Arrow hatch. Something happened to trigger the doors, Candle tried to get out of the computer room before it sealed, the blast doors were coming down fast, he dove for the doorway and got his arm caught under the door as it closed! Thus, his fake arm.

That's a good theory! Dr. Candle did seem very personally concerned and emphatic about not allowing another incident to occur. Maybe his glass eye fell out when he hit the ground so hard… Who knows…
Next we have “movie night” at the hatch. I guess Dharma didn't stock any microwave popcorn in the hatch.

Locke, Eko, and Michael all sit through and watch the Orientation Film together. After viewing the film, Michael immediately points out the fact that there are missing pieces. Locke explains tht its only a frame here and there. Locke asks Eko what he thinks and he silently walks out of the room.
Next, Sayid tells Kate that he and Shannon both saw walt out in the jungle. This bugged me. Why on earth has he not yet told Michael about this fact? Meanwhile, Michael doesn't mention Walt at all in this episode. This seems strange for a man who was so intent that nothing was going to stop him from searching for his son. But now he's simply poking around and looking at computer equipment, checking out the architecture of the hatch, attending the local theate? What's up with that?
Rev. Eko? Okay, that might be a stretch. Howeer, at the very least, we know that Mr. Eko is a Christian. How? The transcript of his story to Locke says.. “Long before Christ the king of Judah was a man named Josiah.” To me, Mr. Eko has just confessed that he believes Christ to be the King of Israel. Ever since I've seen what appears to be a scripture verse carved into Mr. Eko's staff, I've thought he was a man of faith, possible a missionary or a pastor of some sort.
The official Lost Forum had some good debate. Some say that Mr. Eko was wrong in how he made his point. The story he told was from 2 Kings 22. The argument was that Mr. Eko said the temple was not rebuilt wiht Gold but with the book. However, I will have to agree that Mr. Eko got his point across rather well and I believe that a user named “marksman” did a wonderful job of making this point.

“Long before Christ the king of Judah was a man named Josiah.”
Correct: 2 Kings 22:1
“At that time the temple where the people worshipped was in ruin. And so the people worshipped idols, false gods.”
Correct: 2 Kings 22:17
“And so the kingdom was in disarray. Josiah, since he was a good king”
Correct: 2 Kings 22:2
“[Josiah] sent his secretary to the treasury and said: ‘We must rebuild the temple. Give all of the gold to the workers so that this will be done.'”
Correct: 2 Kings 22:4-7
“But when the secretary returned, he had no gold.”
Correct: 2 Kings 22:10
“And when Josiah asked why this was the secretary replied, ‘We found a book.'”
More or less correct (see below): 2 Kings 22:10
“What the secretary had found was an ancient book–the Book of Law. You may know it as the Old Testament.”
Correct: 2 King 22:8 (techinically, the priest found it and gave it to the secretary, but since the priest worked under the secretary's supervision, the finding can be attributed to him)
“And it was with that ancient book, not with the gold, that Josiah rebuilt the temple.”
Correct(!): 2 Kings 23 (the Temple — the consecration of this building to the Lord — was rebuilt with the Book). Gold cannot make a true temple, only God can, and God does so through the Law, under Judaism. In fact, although the passage recited the fact that the workers were paid… it does not state that the workers actually did any work. Rather the following chapter explains how the priests do all the work — clearing out idols, reconsecrating the altar, eliminating pagan worship. As far as we know, after having found the Book, Josiah dismissed the workers and the priests restored the Temple. If that is Eko's interpretation, it is not an impermissible one.
Now, the Bible does not describe Josiah asking why the secretary returned without the gold. This chapter of the Bible doesn't say he didn't ask either. Eko added a single question. “Why?” which is neither consistent nor inconsistent with the Biblical story. In Judaism, rabbis do this all the time. They just fill in gaps for purposes of the sermon. As far as I can tell, that's all Eko is doing. For his purposes, it is fit that Josiah not know the workers have been paid in gold. All that matters to Josiah (who is analogous to Locke) that they have received a book.
Eko also omits part of the the secretary's response “We gave the gold to the workers like you ordered.” Again, Eko omits parts of the story because he is not merely reciting it; he is making a point and this bit would have detracted form that point. That's not getting it “wrong.”
And, as described above, the building is restored using gold, but the Temple cannot be. As a matter of Jewish dogma, gold does not make a Temple. Only God can do that. And the miraculous appearance of Leviticus, followed by Josiah's reaffirming Israel's ancient covenant with God, is what turned the temple into the Temple.
Now, one place in which Eko is wrong is when he describes the book as the Old Testament. In fact, the Book is only the Book of Laws (Leviticus), not the entire OT. Eko does call the book the “Book of Laws” before calling it the OT, and he may have done that because he didn't know how much Bible Locke would know.
So I do not consider Eko has having gotten the story “wrong.” He added one fact on which the Bible is silent. Otherwise, his tale is entirely consistent with the Biblical passage.

Mr. Eko, like me, went way out of his way to simply say.. We found a book that has a filmstrip inside of it.. With the contents of this book, we may be able to rebuild the video. I don't know that the story has a lot to do with the plot. I think he had more do do with developing Mr. Eko as a man of faith.
Inside the Bible, we find the missing filmstrip segment. There has been a LOT of talk about the fact that the missing film was not filmed at the same time as the original orientation fim. This is very easy to prove. Take a look at these screenshots…

I'm absolutely certain that this is a “continuity error” on behalf of the production team. First off, the missing segment seems to fit perfectly with the same exact starting time and ending time as where the original film was spliced together after this section was removed.
If you are able to watch the BEGINNING of the new splice and you will notice that is flows perfectly with the original film. Candle's facial expression, hair, his speech, and the camera's angle and lighting conditions all remain perfectly consistent. They belong together.
As for the tie pattern, the continuity error occurs entirely within the ‘new splice'. We see the beginning of the new segment (which is a part of the newly found piece of film but matches original film perfectly as stated above, then it cuts away to a reaction of Locke, and then it returns to the new segment. Why did they cut away for Locke's reaction? To hopefullly cover up the lighting difference, the camera angle being off, the Doctor's hair being different, and the tie pattern being different. This has nothing to do with the new splice of film fitting with the original orientation film. It is a slight continuity mistake and should not be over analyzed. But yeah right! Of course we are going to over analyse. I think the continuity team leader should be fired over this one!!!

Here's one last bit of proof that this was supposed to be the missing clip from the original film. In this screenshot, Locke pulls the filmstrip out of the Bible, holds it up to the light and looks at this this… Notice that the filmstrips beginning matches the original film. Look closely at the hair, the exit sign, etc. What happened is that they filmed the orientation film. The writers wanted to add something new into the film, the warning regarding the computer for example, and had to go back and reshoot the new script for the film. They tried hard to get it right, but they stunk it all up!
Joshzam on Lost-Forum.com hit the nail on the head here… “It is the end of the new splice that does not seem to fit. Specifically, Dr. Candle finishes his ominous warning regarding the computer with a stern scowl on his face in a close up shot, and then we cut to a medium body shot where our beloved/creepy doctor smiles and happily offers us ‘congratulations'. This is not a natural segue.
Is there another piece of film missing between our new slice and the end of the original? Only time will tell. But I hope this argument puts some paranoia to rest.” Thanks so much Joshzam for your attention to detail!
Once agian, I'm spending too much time on a LOST POST… Just a few last quick Items…
On one of the Lost Podcasts, someone had said that a deer had run out in front of the Marshall Car… NOT!!!

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Some said the recruiter behind Kate's dad looked like Jack. Did have some resmblance, but I don't think so!!! Click Here… What do you think?
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1) Click Here for the first one!
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Until Next Time… Get Lost!
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